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Mieke Arendsen

Born and raised in the province of Gelderland in the east-central part of the Netherlands, I have traveled to most corners of the world, especially to Asia. But deep down, I will always remain a true Dutchy. I love cycling, I even own a pair of wooden shoes and you can wake me up any time to have some cheese.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"The Netherlands are excellent for cycling since it is extremely flat and has the most brilliant cycling lanes in the world. As distances between sights are relatively short, I would suggest the bicycle as a means of transportation. For those that like to take it easy, an e-bike can be a good choice.
I especially love the landscape on the northern islands and the vast forests in the central part of the country. But it’s not all nature that charms me; I also enjoy a stroll through the small cobbled streets of the lesser known characteristic cities of the Netherlands, such as Deventer and Groningen."

How did you get involved in travel?

"I have been in the travel business for about twenty years, both in outbound as well as in inbound tourism. Distant places have always fascinated me, but closer to my home there’s also a lot to explore….it’s a never-ending process of finding new places and routes. What also keeps the work interesting is that each client has his/her own wishes and interests; every request is different and thus treated as such. I take joy from trying to make an itinerary that fits their specific wishes best. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Cycling the island of Texel with one of my kids in the bicycle front seat, the sea breeze cooling us down. With the sound of the cycle wheels on the lane consisting of shells and sometimes a screeching seagull flying over, I secretly stuffed my nose in my kids hair to sniff that baby smell. Heaven!"

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Highlights of Holland - 10 Days

Experience the best of Holland along with some of its hidden gems on this 10-day trip! From big cities to charming small villages, you’ll experience a perfect cross-section of what the Netherlands has to offer. You’ll have the opportunity to admire all of the traditional Dutch characteristics: cheese markets, famous painters, typical canals, rich history, churches with stained-glass windows, windmills, lovely squares, and ancient cobbled alleys. In addition to exploring picturesque smaller cities such as Gouda, Leiden, and Delft, you will also visit Amsterdam, home to the country’s most famous museums, the vibrant, modern harbor city of Rotterdam, and even get some beach time!

Church and Statue
Highlights of Holland & Flanders - 7 Days

This itinerary combines the highlights of Holland with the best of Flanders (the Dutch-speaking half of Belgium), which makes for a grand tour of the Low Countries! Start by exploring Holland’s capital, Amsterdam, and experience its famous museums as well as small fishing villages, cheese markets, and windmills in the surrounding countryside. Next, travel south to the booming harbor city of Rotterdam to enjoy some modern Dutch architecture. Then, cross into Belgium, where you’ll start by visiting the city of Antwerp, known for its diamond trade and opulent Renaissance architecture. Your final stop is the lovely city of Ghent, characterized by its many canals, squares dominated by massive cathedrals, and even a medieval castle in the heart of the city center!

Windmill and flowers
Highlights of Holland - 5 Days

Experience the best Holland has to offer! The picturesque yet lesser-known cities of Leiden, Delft, and Gouda include all the quintessential Dutch characteristics: cheese markets, famous painters, canals, rich history, churches with beautiful stained glass, windmills, lovely squares, and ancient cobbled alleys. In addition, these smaller cities have a laid-back but lively atmosphere. End the trip in Amsterdam which is, of course, a much larger city but very much worth a visit.

Bicycle in the Dutch Countryside
Flower Tour of Holland - 5 Days

This itinerary is all about flowers! In just five days, you will learn how Dutch tulips are grown and sold from the fields and greenhouses to the auction and local floating flower markets. Experience how tulips are lovingly displayed at the world-famous Keukenhof Gardens, the largest flower park in the world, and learn about the rich history of tulips and their value in Dutch culture at the Tulip Museum. As no Dutch itinerary would be complete without a bicycle ride, we have also incorporated cycling with an e-bike into a portion of this itinerary. Please note that the suitable travel period for this trip is the months of March, April, and May. In these months flower bulb fields burst into rows of vivid colors: a delight for the eye. Chances to see the most tulips are best in mid-April.