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Oxana Protchenko

My name is Oxana - I am a travel agent and Head of Sales and part of Ecochile Travel team. We love to travel, but more than that we enjoy bringing unique and unforgettable experiences to our clients! We believe that a travel experience always depends on the person you travel with rather than just the destination.

I am originally Russian, but I have lived in Cuba, Costa Rica and in the US before I finally came to know Chile - a land of infinite travel opportunities! Learning is my passion. I love photography and the idea of trying new or challenging things.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"We operate all around Chile with possible extensions to nearby countries such as Argentina, Bolivia and others.

From North to South of Chile we are focused in ecotourism and responsible tourism by taking care of the environment and in addition of local communities through a friendly dynamic between participants and hosts, focusing on a welcoming, unique and personalized experiences! "

How did you get involved in travel?

"When I initially got to Chile I was not planning to stay, but I fell in love with this beautiful country and it's people and when you come here you will understand why! Since then I have traveled all around Chile and decided that I would love to share my experiences and expertise with people. "

Featured trips & expertise

The Patagonian Fjords
Experience Chile's Patagonian Fjords and Lake District - 12 Days

This two-part trip will take you to Chile's Lake District and on a maritime expedition of the Patagonian fjords. Along the way, there'll be rafting on wild rivers and an abundance of wildlife to encounter — including sea elephants and penguins, humpback whales and albatrosses, cormorants and skuas. Over 12 days, get up-close to ancient glaciers and snowy mountains, visit pretty towns and islands, and see the best of Chile.  

Atacama Desert & Lake District - 8 Days

Explore the geysers, volcanoes, valleys and salt flats of San Pedro de Atacama. Discover the unique lake district including the Osorno Volcano, the tiny town of Frutillar and the mythical Chiloe Island.

Sunset over Lake Pehoe in Southern Patagonia.
Top 10 Regions in Chile: Where to Go & What to See

A magnet for nature lovers, Chile has a little of everything, from ice-capped volcanoes to lush rain forests. The diversity of its landscapes and vast size offer limitless adventures: trekking past glaciers and soaring Patagonian peaks, watching sunsets over otherworldly desert valleys, and basking in mountain hot springs or on a white-sand beach after long days of exploring. The following is a list of the country’s top 10 regions to visit when traveling one of the world’s longest countries. 

Mountains in Torres del Paine National Park. Summer in the south of Chile.
Best Time to Visit Chile

Stretching for more than 2600 miles along the western side of South America, Chile is a narrow country of dramatic extremes. You’ll find bone dry deserts in the north, glacial fields in the south, and lush valleys, smoldering volcanoes and enchanting beaches in between. With its diversity of geography and climates, Chile offers year-round appeal, from skiing in winter to trekking and beach-hopping in summer.

Chile is one of the world's leading wine-producers
Chile's Famous Wine Valleys - 6 Days

Chilean wines are today considered to be among the best in the world. Chile’s geographical diversity coupled with its Mediterranean climate makes it ideal to grow sustainable wines and to produce a variety of wine styles. The country is home to a wide range of wineries, from age-old to new biodynamic establishments committed to sustainable viticulture.

Geysers of El Tatio at sunrise.
Highlights of Northern Chile

Home to red-rock deserts, craggy mountain peaks and sparkling coastlines, northern Chile offers boundless adventures for avid travelers. You can spend your days wandering through eerie ghost towns, zipping down sand dunes or basking on pristine beaches, followed by nights of stargazing beneath the dark southern hemisphere skies. Here are some of the top destinations when planning a trip through Chile.