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The best kind of dining room
Cyclades & Peloponnese Culinary Heritage - 8 Days

The taverna is one of the cornerstones of Greek life, with artifacts suggesting the existence of these spots even at the Acropolis itself. Find out why as you eat your way through this eight-day itinerary, sharing your tables with olive harvesters, Cycladic chefs, Mykonian farmers, and more.

The prizewinner in the wild
Cyclades & Peloponnese Culinary Heritage - 9 Days

Athena won her sovereignty over the city of Athens by providing them with an olive tree, which the Athenians deemed more useful than Poseidon's gift of a saltwater spring. See all the ways in which the mighty olive dominates its competition with this 10-day itinerary. Along with other culinary and cultural highlights, you'll tour a working olive grove to get an insider view of the olive processing world, then learn how to put those ingredients into practice in a Tinian cooking class and sample how other people choose to employ them at a farmhouse dinner.

Stroll through the vines
Cyclades & Peloponnese Culinary Heritage - 10 Days

Legend has it the grapes of Nemea were brought to the people by Dionysus, and it's bad manners to disrespect the Greek gods, so make sure you make the most of this 10-day itinerary. Try the fruits of Dionysus's generosity and maybe host a revel of your own in Nafplio before you sail out to the Cyclades to learn how to create some culinary gifts of your own.

Taverna in Athens' Plaka neighborhood
Cyclades & Peloponnese Culinary Heritage - 11 Days

You've probably heard of feta, but what about graviera? Mizithra? How about their cousin kefalotyri? Meet every member of the Greek cheese family and more on this 11-day itinerary. You'll see them straight from the source along with other culinary and cultural highlights as you play shepherd for a day, learn how to put them to use in a Cycladic cooking class on Tinos, and visit the many other cheese habitats with a Naxos food tour before you return to Athens.

A slew of sampling options
Cyclades & Peloponnese Culinary Heritage - 12 Days

Greece produces more feta cheese than any other country, but do your best to make a dent in their supply on this 12-day itinerary. Eat your way through both the mainland and the islands in olive groves and amid vineyards before learning to cook under the Acropolis to cap it all off.

Nafplio taverna
Cyclades & Peloponnese Culinary Heritage - 13 Days

The best way to show love is via food, so let Greece show you how much it loves you with this 13-day culinary itinerary. Whether it's with fresh goat cheese, Agiorgitiko wine, or olives, you'll be wooed by hands-on sampling tours, cooking classes, at-home meals, and more.