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Rovinj's waterfront
The Best Hotels in Rovinj

Croatia's Istrian peninsula is the ideal destination for winding cobblestone streets and long, leisurely dinners, especially in the fishing port of Rovinj. Wander Venetian-influenced architecture and lounge alongside the Adriatic before you retire to one of these elegant hotels that marry the city's history with contemporary influences.

Overlooking Korčula town
The Best Boutique Hotels in Korčula

With its turquoise coast and charming stone Old Town, it's easy to see why Korčula is sometimes called "Little Dubrovnik." But this woodsy Adriatic isle has plenty of charm of its own. Take it all in from a seaside resort, soak in the sun in a boutique beach retreat or spend your nights in the town's first established hotel.

Old Town from above
The Best Boutique Hotels in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik may have found its most recent fame via "Game of Thrones," but it's got plenty of epic history of its own to be discovered on its stone streets and blue seas. Sleep like a noble in converted estates or sleek modern seafront hotels, or even commune with the earth in a cave bar, with these hotels.

Santorini views
7 Days in Greece - 6 Family-Friendly Itineraries

With a week to spend, you and your family can find plenty of ways to explore Greece. Whether you want to hit the highlights with interactive tours in Athens and Santorini, get into some less-explored parts of the country with a Corinthian canal cruise, or head out on a scavenger hunt through the streets of Crete, there's something waiting for everyone.

Overlooking Oia
10 Days in Greece - 6 Family-Friendly Itineraries

Greece has a multitude of wonders to attract you and your family for 10 days of adventure. It's one of the sunniest places in the world, so catch some rays as you explore the cultural capital of Athens in the company of storytellers, breathe in the healing airs of Crete on easy hikes and treasure hunts, and watch the stunning sunsets of Santorini from secret spots.

Sunset shades in Santorini
14 Days in Greece - 6 Family-Friendly Itineraries

Two weeks gives you and your family plenty of time to traverse the nearly 1,000 miles of coastline that Greece has to offer. Whether you're going for a deep dive into the northern Greek mainland, island-hopping through the Cyclades, or getting cultural on Crete or in the Peloponnese, you'll find something that speaks to you.