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Aerial view of Greece's Paros Island
Off the Beaten Path in the Cyclades: Paros & Naxos - 8 Days

The stunning Cyclades are a group of Greek islands famous for their unique architecture, cosmopolitan nightlife, impressive history, and rocky landscapes. You'll start in Paros, where golden sand beaches and charming villages are yours to explore. Then hop a ferry to neighboring Naxos for a tour of Chora, beautiful whitewashed villages, and countryside filled with churches, archaeological sites, and local distilleries.

Off the coast of Zakynthos
Historic Peloponnese and Zakynthos - 15 Days

Travel across both the Peloponnesian peninsula and Greek history with this 15-day itinerary. After a brief start in Athens, you'll go down to the sea to visit Nafplio and neighboring mythical Mycenae, then over to the castles of Mystras and Monemvasia. Set sail for the quintessential Greek island of Zakynthos to end your journey on its turquoise shores before you return to Athens for one final temple sunset.

Monemvasia fortress on the Aegean
Historic Peloponnese and Zakynthos - 14 Days

Take two weeks to cross the stories of the Peloponnesian peninsula with this 14-day itinerary.  Start with the classics on the Acropolis, then make your way down through to the site of the kingdom of Mycenae, ancient vines of Nemea, and stadium at Olympia. Top it off with four days of shipwrecks and sea turtles on the island of Zakynthos before you return to Athens and thank Poseidon for your journey.

Bay of Laganas on Zakynthos
Historic Peloponnese and Zakynthos - 13 Days

Take 13 days to meet some of the stars of Greek history with this itinerary that will take you through the tales of the Peloponnese. After an Acropolis mythology tour in Athens, you'll go through Mycenae, once home to Helen of Troy; the vineyards of Nemea believed to have come from the vines of Dionysus; Nestor's palace in Pylos; and the sanctuary at Olympia. Then sail to Zakynthos to end your trip on its shores, topped off by paying tribute at the Temple of Poseidon in Athens before you depart.

Bourtzi Castle in Nafplio Bay
Historic Peloponnese and Zakynthos - 12 Days

In the Odyssey, King Nestor receives Odysseus's son, who comes seeking word of his missing father. Join the long list of storied guests to Nestor's palace and others with this 12-day itinerary. Go from the Acropolis through historic sites at Nafplio, Mycenae, Pylos, and Olympia before sailing to the island of Zakynthos to explore its villages and vineyards, then return to watch the sun set over the Athenian Riviera.

Approaching the Lion Gate at Mycenae
Historic Peloponnese and Zakynthos - 11 Days

Some of the most dramatic feats of athleticism of the ancient world took place at Olympia, but you won't need to train quite at that level to take on this 11-day itinerary. After hearing the myths of the Acropolis, your tour will take you to seaside Nafplio, historic Mycenae, and the former stadium grounds at Olympia. Then head to the island of Zakynthos for four nights on the seashore before you return to Athens.