Shafik Meghji

I'm an award-winning travel writer, journalist and co-author of over 30 Rough Guides to destinations in Latin America, Asia, Australia, Europe and North Africa. As well as writing for print and digital publications, including BBC Travel and the Guardian, I talk about travel on TV, radio and podcasts.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Latin America, India, Nepal, Australia"

How did you get involved in travel?

"A mixture of family holidays and books about distant places first got me interested in travel as a child. After university, a stint as a news and sports reporter, and then an extended backpacking trip around India and South America, the interest slowly turned into a career as a travel writer. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Swimming with pink dolphins in the murky waters of the Bolivian Amazon will always stay with me - as will unexpectedly coming face to face with a six-metre shark in the Galápagos. "

Featured trips & expertise

The mountains surrounding Guaranda, an off-the-beaten-path town in Ecuador well worth visiting.

Going Off-The-Beaten-Path in Ecuador

Even as tourism boom in Ecuador, there are still plenty of enticing destinations that remain under the radar, offering travelers the chance to explore architectural gems, surf off gorgeous beaches, visit wildlife-rich reserves and much more. Here are a few suggestions for escaping the crowds.

Trekking along the Quilotoa Loop is an Ecuador highlight.

Best Things to Do in Ecuador

Stretching from the Amazon to the Andes and straddling the southern and northern hemispheres, Ecuador boasts a remarkable range of landscapes, cultures and ecosystems. From raucous festivals to wildlife encounters, historic cities to Inca ruins, colorful markets to dramatic train journeys, it has something for everyone. This article picks out ten of the country’s most memorable activities.


Best Time to Visit Ecuador

On the northwestern side of South America, straddling the equator, Ecuador contains a remarkably diverse range of landscapes, altitudes, and climates. Despite their great variations, the country’s highlands, rainforests, beaches and far-flung islands are all rewarding places to visit throughout the year.