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Tara Kallembach

Hi There! I am Tara Kallembach; I am here to make your experience with kimkim smooth, memorable, and full of positive adventures.

Living in Boulder, Colorado, I prioritize traveling near and far while adventuring around our local areas as often as I can. I enjoy exploring the different environments and cultures while finding new opportunities and connections.

How did you get involved in travel?

"While studying at the University of Illinois, I honed in on my love for travel and all it entails. I took my first trip abroad to Australia, where I volunteered at an elementary school while living with a local family. My experience provided a tremendous amount of personal growth while being fully immersed in the culture. I saw what a huge difference simply moving through someone else's world made in my own life. I then returned to the US and had an itch to become immersed in another entirely different culture. Shortly after, I went to South Africa and traveled to several other areas while getting to know the locals and experiencing parts of their lives. From cage diving with the great white sharks to visiting Robben Island and working in a township, Khayelitsha, I am forever grateful for the unforgettable, impactful experiences that traveling has given me."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"My husband and I took a train into the San Juan Mountains to backpack into the Chicago Basin in Colorado. We planned to camp in the basin for multiple nights and to climb the four surrounding 14,000+' mountains. The weather was supposed to be clear, sunny, and beautiful, an ideal backpacking forecast! However, this was not the case per mountain tradition, and we were presented with many obstacles and a trip full of rain and a whole lot of hail. Nevertheless, we thoroughly enjoyed the area while embracing the weather, climbing mountains, and meeting new friends. This trip brought us many growth opportunities with many challenging yet amazing experiences. I am grateful to have had this unforgettable adventure with my husband."