Lofoten Islands Sea Kayaking Tour

Kayaking in the Lofoten Islands
The Lofoten Islands are one of Noway's little-discovered gems, tucked away high in the Arctic Circle. The Lofotens are part of an archipelago comprised of five main volcanic islands and many smaller ones. Fishing is the predominant industry, but tourism is on the upswing, too, as more and more visitors discover the almost otherworldly quality of the landscapes here.

Easily the most scenic way to jaunt between the islands is by kayak, and this excursion accommodates even those with little or no kayaking experience, as your guide will teach you basic paddling techniques and safety tips before you hit the water. Then it's time to paddle away to Lofoten's smaller islands, bays, and beaches. The trip leaves from the village of Reine, and once you're on the water, you'll be treated to landscapes and seascapes you would never have thought could exist so far north. Some waters around the Lofotens are rich Caribbean blue and front white-sand beaches, just like you'd find in the tropics.

Along the way, there will be ample opportunity to spot lots of seabirds, including the largest bird of Europe, the white-tailed sea eagle, as well as seals and otters. In addition, the excursion includes a stop on the route for a scenic picnic lunch.

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