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Victoria Veilleux

As a professional writer and travel editor, Victoria has visited more than 65 countries--and circumnavigated the world in 23 days during a scavenger hunt competition (that she won). She's written guidebooks for both Frommer's and Fodor's, served as chief editor of one of Martha Stewart's publications, contributed to magazines such as Conde Nast Traveler, Time Life, and Robb Report, and made appearances on Food Network and NPR Savvy Traveler. Her main beats are culinary, luxury, and wellness travel, but she claims connecting with locals is the common denominator for all rewarding travel, no matter how you go about it.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"Having traveled extensively in India from the north to the south, my love for this county and its people proves undeniable. (Thus, the impetus to be married there.) I'm fascinated by the spiritual traditions and as a yoga instructor have explored many of the ancient wellness practices, such as Ayurveda, mediation, and various asana styles. Health-oriented travel has also led me to discover healing traditions in other destinations as well, ranging everywhere from Bali and Thailand to Switzerland and Hawaii.

I also love to feed the soul with incredible cuisine. Writing for luxury travel magazines served as a crash course in culinary arts, exposing me to some of the world's most acclaimed chefs as well as mom-and-pop eateries that totally nail regional flavors. I always suss out the best places to enjoy an amazing meal and love uncovering spots that locals hold close to the vest. Naturally, Italy wooed me with its acumen in the kitchen, so much so that I decided to get a flat in Italy to study the language and get my RDA of handmade pasta. Every region in Italy puts such a distinctive stamp on cuisine, which I've tried to highlight in culinary tours that I helped design there. However, I have an appetite without borders, so whether it's tapas in Spain, asado in Argentina, or crickets in Thailand, adventurous eating always accompanies my travels. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"My travel addiction began in college while backpacking around Europe for several months before studying aboard in London. A few years later, I worked as a writer for an ad agency specializing in travel and I sold myself on the idea of hitting the road, permanently. I spent the next 20 years writing for travel magazines, guidebooks, websites, and travel operators—some stints as a full-time nomad with no permanent address! Today, I still get the shakes when too much time has passed since I've boarded an airplane and have yet to find a cure for my travel affliction."

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"Getting married in a 270-year-old Shiva temple in the middle of Jaipur's Oberoi Rajvilas in India was absolutely magical. The elaborate henna, red sari, thousands of hand-strung marigolds, and partaking in the ceremonial ritual of walking around the sacred fire felt almost surreal. And, unlike most Indian weddings, it was an intimate event for my husband and I alone. I can't think of a better way to elope, or a better place to do it. "

Don Camillo Ristorante, Siracusa
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