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Zeynep Sidal Snævarr

Iceland is a country to surprise you. I had no idea how it would struck me from the first moment I set foot on Iceland even though I had been in love with this country since I was a little kid. No photo will ever do justice about how Iceland will make you feel and inspire you in different ways, as it inspires me every single day that I spend on this lovely island full of contrasts.

I am originally from Turkey and the difference between my own culture and Icelandic culture and way of living changed me a great deal and enriched my life in the direction of appreciating the nature in a lot of different ways. When I plan trips, I can look both from the perspective of a foreigner, and a local at the same time, which makes my trip plans interesting and unconventional.

Iceland is a special country, and it takes a different approach to fully celebrate and unlock the full potential of what you can get from Iceland in return. It also requires a different kind of preparation than many destinations, which is one of the benefits of letting a local organize your trip to prepare you fully for your Iceland adventure.

I take pride in my love to progress and my thirst for learning new things which means that I keep my information always up to date and my approach to the trips I organize are modern and fun. Currently I am educating myself about Nature Interpretation to develop my relationship with the mother nature and started training with Icelandic Search and Rescue Team in order to experience the extremities and to help those who are in danger.

What places and activities do you specialize in?

"I specialize in customized tours all around Iceland. I go often on trips myself to check out new and old accommodations, try activities and discover new destinations to satisfy my curiosity and to keep myself up to date about what is available in each region to create perfect, tailor made itineraries. I enjoy myself the most glacier related activities, e.g. ice cave tours, glacier walking and ice climbing. I go on and try most of the activities in order to have better insights about which activity suits what kind of traveler, and I am in active communication and close cooperation with local tour operators. "

How did you get involved in travel?

"I love travelling, I feel restless if I do not leave town every other weekend. After working in different sectors which were connected to tourism, I have chosen to immerse myself in Tourism Studies and got a BS degree from University of Iceland which taught me a lot about multifaceted world of travelling.

Travel planning is a way of storytelling for me. When I was little, probably I was the only person who loved it when there was a power shortage so I could use the time to tell stories to my family under dim candle light. Now, I implement my story telling in my trip plans, and the beauty of Iceland helps it a big deal to create something special. "

Please share a unique travel experience you will never forget.

"It was during a long weekend road trip with some friends around the west fjords. I knew that this place was special, but I had no idea that after driving strenuous gravel mountain roads, I would encounter with a golden sand beach appearing gradually on a beautiful sunny day between the mountain and the fjord, giving an exotic feeling after a cold wet day! After visiting most of the black sand beaches which are commonplace in Iceland, it felt like it was a mirage what I was seeing. After reaching to the beach, we made sure we took some photos to testify that this place was 100% real, a mind blowing secluded place of serenity in the rugged landscape of the beautiful west fjords."

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Iceland whoa, Iceland - Feb 3 - Feb 6, 2018

Traveler: Jules D. - Local specialist: Zeynep Sidal Snævarr

Hello and thank you Zeynep for your guidance, support and assistance on our tour preparations. The tours were nothing but spectacular, with excellent and well informed guides, on time schedules and well organized en route sites. I sincerely thank you for your awesome planning and your patience with me, answering all my questions in a detailed and prompt manner. Thank you again. I will not hesitate to recommend you and your good offices Kimkim to any of my colleagues, who ask about a reference. Regards Julian

Zeynep Sidal Snævarr, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Julian,
Thank you very much for the nice review, I am delighted to hear that you were happy with your trip. It has been a pleasure to plan a trip for an extremely kind person.

All the best from Iceland,