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Access Asia Tours (AAT) is a prestigious North America based Asia destination tour operator, serving discerning and sophisticated travelers since 1996. Outstanding personal service from our professional team of travel consultants, experienced, dedicated guides and ground staff has earned Access Asia Tours the loyalty of our clients since 1996. Serving our travel clients for over the past two decades, we have built a reputable and knowledgeable Asia tour company.

AAT is an international company, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada with a U.S. Sales Office in Denver, Colorado, as well as an operations team in Beijing, China. Along with our luxury and adventure group tours, we specialize in creating and operating custom private tour programs for discerning travelers, active families, special interest groups, educational & research institutions, as well as professional organizations. Our tours offer a unique and personalized focus on Asian history, the landscape, and art and culture, while maintaining the highest standards of service and comfort.

Tour itineraries are specifically designed to satisfy the needs of our clients. Whether you enjoy relaxing in the sun on a 5-star luxury cruise ship sailing down the Yangtze River, attending a museum lecture by an expert on Chinese art in Shanghai, or riding a camel in the Gobi Desert on the Silk Road, we will customize your tour to meet interests and preferences. We strive to offer our clients the highest degree of enjoyment, comfort and safety at reasonable prices.

Our humble beginnings go back to when we were a China only tour operator, known as Access China Tours. Today, AAT offers high quality tours with the assistance of our regional partners in 16 countries through East, Southeast, and South Asia.

We handle every aspect of our clients' tours throughout the planning, booking, and operations' process, so they can be completely at ease while traveling in Asia. All of our tours are 100% customizable, offering maximum flexibility for our clients. We are a luxury fine touring company and our tours are high-end by nature, offering our clients the services of a private fluent English-speaking guide, professional driver, and newer vehicle. We utilize local guides in every city/region who are experts on the local sites of interest, history, culture, cuisine, language/dialect, and much more.

Every tour we operate includes first class (i.e. 4 star), deluxe (i.e. 5 star), or luxury (i.e. 5 stars plus) accommodations, depending on our clients’ preferences and budget. Given that we are a full-service tour operator, our tours include nearly everything and our clients pay a lump sum up front and can therefore, relax during their travels, without having to pay for every individual good or service one-by-one.

Most importantly, Access Asia Tours is a company for travelers by travelers. Our staff has spent many years living, working, and traveling in Asia. We are extremely passionate about Asia travel and are proud to work in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry. We believe that seeing and experiencing the world first-hand is one of the most valuable experiences one can have. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with the best travel experiences in order for them to see the beauty and diversity that Asia has to offer.

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