Borea Adventures

Borea is a fully licensed adventure guiding company based in Ísafjörður in the heart of the Westfjords of Iceland.

The founders of Borea have always recognized the great potential of adventure tourism surrounding their home, yet little was being done to encourage it. They wanted to let people enjoy their home environment in the same way they had done since they were young.

Borea was created in 2006 and focuses on both short day trips for everyone and exclusive expeditions to remote corners in the Arctic.

The company is operated by sailors, climbers, skiers, and sea kayakers that find their inspiration in the unique wilderness that surrounds them.

All our guides are local Icelanders and good friends that have designed each trip to operate in full harmony with nature.

Borea Adventures is part of the following groups: Iceland Travel Agents

Featured trips & expertise

Calm water kayaking in Ísafjörður (photo by Borea Adventures)
Kayaking around Isafjordur, heart of the Westfjords

Paddle through majestic fjords below towering mountains as you spot seals, whales, and birds along the way. Here are a few kayaking options ranging from a couple hours up to a full week of exploring at your own speed.