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The story of exploor begins with us, Oliver and Erik, two German exchange students studying in Maastricht University who came to Peru to complement their studies. Having been in love with nature, new cultures and travel all our life, we didn’t have to think twice about combining our studies with traveling this mysterious country. We soon learned about the immense variety Peru offers, as we had to decide whether we want to discover the Amazon jungle, trek through beautiful Andean mountain landscapes or just relax at the beach and enjoy a Corona. What did we end up doing? All of it! More than that, once we realized that we wouldn’t be the only ones that would love to travel through Peru and enjoy its diversity we decided to found exploor.

Since that point, we have been gathering a group of local experts that believe in the same vision and work relentlessly in order to create authentic small-group tours with local guides showing the most beautiful places that Peru offers. And no worries, we don’t recommend something we haven’t actually experienced ourselves. With all our expert knowledge, we will ensure you embrace the unexpected and really live unforgettable moments.

The exploor Experience:
Our purpose is to create and share unique moments of inspiration, accomplishment and inner growth in an environment of richness in culture and nature so that we can broaden our horizon while traveling. The exploor experience comes alive by:

Authentic Experiences
Imagine after every one of our tours a new version of you is being reborn. That’s what we call a life-changing experience. With a passionate team, in- and outdoors, that daily strives to create in-depth experiences that touch your senses and emotions. And that’s exactly what we do. Together with our professional local guides and far away from mass tourism and your daily routine, we will explore untouched landscapes and broaden our horizons together.

Remarkable Customer Care
Visiting a country that couldn’t be more different from home is not easy but it’s exciting. We are your friend that accompanies you before, during and after your trip with a team in your back driven by going above and beyond to please you in unexpected ways.

Responsible & Sustainable Travel
Interact with locals, feel the curiosity, contribute and get in touch with their traditions during truly mindful moments where reflecting about their lifestyle becomes of great value for growth. Respecting these traditions and trying to develop social projects hand in hand with local communities, we strive to show you a real image of their way of life.

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Featured trips & expertise

Machu Picchu
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

If you’re looking for the best way to hike the Inca Trail, this classic route offers a unique approach which avoids the main crowds, and follows the ideal schedule for timing your visit to Machu Picchu.

Amazon rainforest
Experience the Peruvian Amazon - 4 Days

Venture into the Amazon, a jewel of stunning biodiversity in South America. Travel by boat to see a wide variety of colorful wildlife, along with a visit to the Tambopata Research Center. Away from the crowds, you’ll be able to spend days in observing the flora, fauna, and wildlife.

Urubamba village and river valley
Cultural Highlights of the Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley is one of Peru’s most popular destinations. Once the cultural and spiritual heartland of the Inca, it is chock-full of ancient ruins, picturesque villages and stone footpaths. Machu Picchu may be the main attraction, yet one could spend days exploring the cultural highlights and ancient ruins of the Sacred Valley of the Urubamba River.

Best Treks to Machu Picchu
Best Treks to Machu Picchu

A visit to Machu Picchu is the highlight of most people’s trip to Peru. In fact, this ancient Inca Citadel attracts over a million visitors each year. Many visitors get there by way of the classic Inca Trail. Yet, there are numerous treks that take you there, each unique in their own right.

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Peru 2019 · Peru - Apr 4 - Apr 7, 2019

Traveler: Charles M. - Local specialist: Erik Krause

Everything was great!!