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We're a small travel company of seven employees, in business since 2010. We're based in Tel Aviv, Israel, but our focus is exclusively on Alaska travel. Our staff is made of former Alaska residents, guides and travel experts, and we know exactly what it takes to put together a great itinerary and to match it exactly to our clients needs. Most of our work is centered around travel planning and booking services for independent travelers, with groups sizes ranging from 1 to 12 travelers. We work directly with a variety of Alaskan vendors, from small, locally owned B&B's to big chain hotels. If you're thinking of an Alaskan vacation and you'd like to see what this wonderful state really has to offer, just drop us a line and let's talk.

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Featured trips & expertise

Roadside attractions
Classic Alaska Self-Drive - 13 Days

There may not be that many roads in Alaska, but the ones that run through the south-central region are spectacular. Spend almost two weeks driving from North America's tallest peak to the icy fjords of the Alaskan coast, from the immense glaciers of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park to the bear habitats on the southwest coast. Go glacier hiking, sea kayaking, and jet boat cruising through these expansive natural landscapes.

Boating between the icebergs of Leconte Bay
Alaskan Fjords and Backroads - 14 Days

Spend two weeks exploring both the deep fjords and fishing towns of southeast Alaska along with the natural parks and scenic drives of the south-central region. Go bear viewing, glacier hiking, sea kayaking and more, as you see some of the highest peaks in North America along with wildlife, glaciers, and stretches of true wilderness.

Heli flight in the Chugach mountains
Alaska Chugach Traverse - 8 days

The adventurous route will take you around the jagged peaks of the Chugach Mountains and across the pristine waters of Prince William Sound, into some of Alaska's most scenic and less touristy areas. It bypasses the Denali area, thus allowing for shorter drives and ample time for activities ranging from hiking to dog sledding.