Live the Journey

Live the Journey literally LIVES beyond your wildest expectations. Facilitating diverse; unique; tailor made and life-enriching travel experiences, is simply part and parcel of who we are.

Live the Journey was built and continues to grow on the back of our team’s ongoing love affair with travel. Our curious natures have allowed us the opportunity of discovering new destinations, steeping ourselves in rich local cultures and experiences and exploring beyond any breathtaking horizons.

We delight in sharing our wanderlust with those select trailblazers looking for life-altering African bucket-list experiences. Every single member of our tight knit Live the Journey team, from our leading tourism gurus and skillful guides to the administrative officers and travel consultants, fall under the collective of intrepid explorers and seasoned travelers.

Live the Journey is part of the following groups: Botswana Travel Agents, Mozambique Travel Agents, Namibia Travel Agents