North Sailing

North Sailing is a dedicated family company established in Iceland in 1995 and has been offering eco-friendly whale watching ever since. Being pioneers in whale watching and sustainable tourism, North Sailing has received numerous awards both nationally and internationally for innovation, regional development, and sustainability.

Since 2016, North Sailing has been running whale watching and northern lights tours in Tromsø, Northern Norway, on a silent, electric sailing ship, and on a century-old oak sailing ship. Furthermore, world-class skiing and sailing expeditions while island hopping in the Lyngen Alps in Tromsø are available.

For longer adventures, North Sailing offers the breathtaking week-long sailings in the wonders of Scoresby Sund in Greenland, and arctic expeditions in the icy waters of wildlife-rich Svalbard.

With the authentic fleet of restored boats, highly qualified and dedicated crew with great sailing experience and wildlife knowledge, North Sailing seeks to inspire people to reconnect with history and nature.

North Sailing is part of the following groups: Iceland Travel Agents, Norway Travel Agents, Greenland Travel Agents