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We are an incoming tour operator based in Buenos Aires (Argentina) with more than 15 years of experience in providing tailor-made tours around Argentina and neighboring countries to travelers from all around the world.

We are really committed to developing, operating and marketing tourism in a sustainable way; that is, every form of tourism which can contribute positively to the natural and cultural environment, generating benefits for the host communities, and which do not put at risk the future livelihood of them. This is why we have achieved the "Gestion Ambiental" certification granted by the Buenos Aires City Government, the first step of one of our main policies.

Our main office in San Telmo (Buenos Aires) is open 7 days a week, and we also provide a 24hs cell-phone contact for out-of-the-office hours, in order to assist our travelers at any time whenever needed. Our friendly and multilingual staff is committed to make your trip a really unforgettable and pleasant experience, by providing you a very high-quality service during the whole process.

We will be very glad to design your trip all together!
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Featured trips & expertise

View the 2019 Solar Eclipse in Chile - 7 Days

Head to Chile in July 2019 to witness one of the most important events of the century—a total solar eclipse, observable for over four minutes. View the eclipse from a prime location in the beautiful Coquimbo region, with protective glasses and cozy blankets provided. Spend the rest of your visit touring cosmopolitan Santiago de Chile and colorful Valparaíso, sampling native varietals at Viña del Bosco winery, checking out the Enchanted Valley petroglyphs, and more.

Road to El Chaltén in Santa Cruz, Patagonia
When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Argentina?

The second-largest country in South America, Argentina is graced with natural wonders—and a range of geographic conditions and climates. So when's the best time to visit Argentina? It depends what you want to do. Winter is for skiing and visiting the Northwest, summer is for hitting Patagonia's trails, and the shoulder seasons of spring and fall are beautiful in Buenos Aires (and almost everywhere else.)

Torrest Del Paine and Pehoe Lake
Best Things to Do in Chile

Home to Andean peaks, dramatic coastlines and otherworldly deserts, Chile has an astonishing variety of landscapes that set the scene for unforgettable adventures. You can trek through Patagonian wilderness in the deep south or buzzing beach towns in the north. In between, you’ll find award-winning wineries, art-filled bohemian enclaves and impossibly picturesque valleys, not to mention one of South America’s most dynamic cities. The biggest challenge is deciding where to begin.

Talampaya National Park
Going Off The Beaten Path in Argentina

Argentina is ripe for exploration. After you've seen the big cities and major highlights, get off the beaten path and explore its lesser-known yet equally interesting sights — from wildlife-rich wetlands and penguin colonies to giant salt flats and the remains of dinosaurs. Here are some suggestions on where to go when avoiding the crowds.

A hiker surveys a valley in Argentinian Patagonia.
Best Treks in Patagonia

The mountains, forests, glacial lakes and pampas of Patagonia offer tremendous long-distance trekking opportunities. Both Chile and Argentina are represented here, as the treks sometimes meander over the border of these two countries. In addition, a number of trails in Chile’s national parks are part of the Sendero de Chile, a network of trails that spans the length of the country. Below are the best treks in both Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia.

Kayaks, Water, and Trees in Northern Patagonia: 5 Days

This short trip packs in a lot of adventure - trekking, kayaking, rafting, and canyoneering - plus sleeping in some beautiful and unique locations. With ample time devoted to training, travelers of all levels of experience will get the most out of this itinerary. From canyons and kilometer-long rapids to hiking in the forest and spending the night in a tree house, experience the best of northern Patagonia.