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Emilia Travel (Travel Arrange Japan) was founded in 2013 as a travel agency offering comprehensive services for your trip. The company is still young, but we have been engaged in travel business for many years, and have offered many unique private tours.

We help you to fulfill your needs and wishes, but our motto is to make a journey that connects people. We are experts in finding a suitable ryokan (Japanese inn), Minshuku (homestay), or farm stay (agritourism) in a small town or village close to a big city.

We believe that visiting only famous tourist sites is not enough. It’s also important to visit a small non-touristic town or village, where you can meet the local people and experience Japanese traditional culture. In that way, you can get a deeper understanding of Japan

We highly recommend that you see both the tourist sites and how the local people live.

Our office is located in Osaka, and we can easily give you any support you may need during your stay in Japan.

Our value are:
- Simplicity
- Sure to give you a unique service
- Trust
- Experience
- Direct contact with customers, Concierge service

We make your experience unforgettable travel to Japan!

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Featured trips & expertise

Golden Route Japan
Explore the Golden Route of Japan - 12 Days

Equally known for its vibrant city life and mountainous beauty, Japan offers a well-rounded visit, filled with liveliness, adventure, and variety. On your 12-day journey, you will explore the high-energy tech and fashion trends of Tokyo, enjoy the breathtaking views and temples of Kyoto, and relax at a hot springs retreat in Hakone. Immerse yourself in Japanese culture, complete with the exceptional, authentic dining of Osaka.

Best of Old and New Japan
Best of Old and New Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto, & More - 14 Days

The combination of historic and modern beauty makes Japan the ideal vacation destination. On this journey of old world-meets-new world, you will explore the progressive city of Tokyo, along with strolling through pockets of old Japan. Excursions into the hot springs of Gero Onsen and the gardens of Kanazawa will allow you to experience the preservation of nature. Even still, you can channel Japan’s past–in present-day–by taking up residency in a thatched-roof farmhouse in Shirakawa-go, connecting with long-time local artisans in Takayama, and exploring the ancient temples of Kyoto.

Magic of Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima - 12 days
Magic of Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima - 12 days

Discover both the traditional and modern sides of Japan as you visit various shrines and temples, witness technological innovation at an amazing digital art exhibition and crazy (in a very good way) robot show, and get involved in a few hands-on cooking and craft classes. For a trip which aims to give you the best overview of Japan as possible, you can't do any better.

Stop in Mount Fuji on your way to Kyoto
Japan Golden Route - 10 Days

This 10-day itinerary follows the path of Japan's ancient Tokaido Highway (the Golden Route) from the skyscrapers of ultra-modern Tokyo to the cultural heart of Kyoto. In between the two cities, you'll stop in the beautiful town of Hakone to soak up Mount Fuji views, hot springs, and excellent museums. Traveling by bullet train, your flexible Japan Rail Pass offers plenty of day-trips for a truly customizable adventure.

The torii gates of the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto
Classic Highlights of Japan - 14 Days

On this two-week journey to the four corners of Japan's main island, Honshu, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy its unmissable attractions. You'll visit sacred temples and shrines, go bike riding through the countryside, and roam around the capital's most famous neighborhoods. From the modern cities of Tokyo and Hiroshima to the island of Miyajima, the wonders of ancient Kyoto and beyond, there is so much to see, taste, and discover.

Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kyoto
Essential Japan: Top 10 Things to Do & See

Crescent-shaped islands surrounded by deep blue sea, Japan has everything from Buddhist temples to great beaches. Home to both a robot restaurant and an ancient rainforest, it's beautiful, diverse, and never boring. Here are ten essential things to do in the Land of the Rising Sun.