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La Paz, Bolivia
Bolivia in January: Travel Tips, Weather & More

The rain comes down heavily in January across most of Bolivia, despite temperatures in some regions such as the rainforest being at their annual high. Yet, this is a great time to explore Bolivia's big cities like La Paz, Sucre, and Santa Cruz, including a host of cultural attractions that visitors in better weather pass over. The southeastern savanna is the most agreeable region now. Though parts of the Andes and rainforest are inaccessible due to rain, swelling water levels make for excellent white water rafting.

Mi Teleférico, La Paz
Bolivia in February: Travel Tips, Weather & More

The rainfall slackens off slightly in February compared to the last couple of months, but this remains a decidedly drippy time of year in the majority of the country. Temperatures are almost at their annual peaks in the rainforest and much of the savanna, while the Andes are decidedly chilly. However, one big party this month brightens things up, and that's Carnival. There are some genuinely spectacular celebrations across Bolivia for this at the end of the month.

La Paz, Bolivia
Bolivia in March: Travel Tips, Weather & More

It might still be a wash-out of a month in much of Bolivia, with rain especially heavy in the Amazon, but it's slowly drying up in the Andes and savanna. Sun is definitely on the horizon, if not already here in places, with average daily temperatures in much of the savanna only a degree or two off their annual highs. It's an important time for harvesting coca (in the Andes and parts of the Amazon), and grapes (in the savanna)—plus, there's something to celebrate! Carnival can also fall at the beginning of March, as can Holy Week.

River crossing on the trek from Pongo to La Paz
Bolivia in April: Travel Tips, Weather & More

The end of the wettest weather brings travelers in greater numbers than have been seen in Bolivia for some months. Suddenly, visitors are eyeing up Bolivia's exceptional outdoor activities, particularly its hiking, and crowds of international and national holiday-makers descend on the country for that famous Latin American celebration of Semana Santa. As the rain decreases, it begins to get both sunnier and cooler in most areas.

Arbol de Piedra, or Stone Tree,  in the Dalí Desert
Bolivia in May: Travel Tips, Weather & More

The rain steadily eases up in May, bringing drier days, brighter skies, and refreshingly cooler temperatures. May is a great time to visit all regions of the country, from the heights of the Andes to the depths of the rainforest. And if you're up for an outdoor adventure, go now for perfect conditions for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and more. Just bear in mind that you won't be the only one traveling—the dry season marks the start of peak season in Bolivia.

Views of Salar de Uyuni from Incahuasi Island
Bolivia in June: Travel Tips, Weather & More

One of the driest, brightest months of the year, June ushers in the start of peak season. But with the biggest crowds still yet to arrive, this is a terrific time for snapping up the few remaining deals on tours and accommodation. Cooler temperatures everywhere, from the Andes to the Amazon, also mean this is an excellent month for outdoor pursuits, but you'll want to pack layers for the chilly nights. The country celebrates some memorable festivals now, too, such as the winter solstice celebrations at Tiwanaku.

July is a good time to drive Boliva's North Yungas Road ("Death Road")
Bolivia in July: Travel Tips, Weather & More

July is the peak season in Bolivia, with warm, bright, largely sunny days, though things can feel cooler up on the Altiplano. Such reliable weather makes this a brilliant month for outdoor activities, from hiking and mountain biking in the Andes to expeditions into the wildlife-rich Amazon. July is also one of the busiest months, ruling out special deals on accommodation and tours. Plan ahead if you want to visit during this popular time.

Volcanoes in the desert on plateau Altiplano, Bolivia
Bolivia in August: Travel Tips, Weather & More

It's still peak season in August in Bolivia, with plenty of blue skies and dry days ideal for tackling outdoor pursuits all over the country—from hikes in the footsteps of Incas in the Andes to jungle tours by boat in the Amazon. In the latter half of the month, temperatures slowly creep up in the rainforest and the savanna, but it's still lovely and cool on the Altiplano. The best digs are snapped up quickly during this popular month.

Sunset along the banks of the Amazon
Bolivia in September: Travel Tips, Weather & More

The onset of spring in September marks the end of the peak season rush in Bolivia, so in many ways, this is a fantastic month to visit, with largely dry days, warm weather, and far fewer crowds. As the country edges into the less busy shoulder season, you should be able to snag some deals on tours and accommodation. While rising temperatures have taken the bitter edge off nights on the Altiplano, this is the hottest time of year in the Amazon.

Illimani moutain, the highest in the Cordillera Real, near La Paz
Bolivia in October: Travel Tips, Weather & More

October is the height of spring in Bolivia. If you want to sidestep the crowds of winter, this is a fantastic time to visit, as there is still plenty of dry, sunny weather everywhere, from the depths of the Amazon to the heights of the Andes. Rains are slowly but steadily increasing, so come prepared for the odd downpour. Shoulder-season benefits are many, especially when it comes to scoring deals on tours, outdoor activities, and accommodation. And the drop in visitor numbers is a blessing at big-hitters like the Salar de Uyuni and Lake Titicaca.

Off roading on Salar de Uyuni - flooded from rains
Bolivia in November: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

Summer is swiftly approaching and bringing with it rainy days to much of Bolivia in November, though nothing like what will fall in the coming months. Come now, and you'll experience the country at its tranquil best, with few crowds at major sights and milder weather up on the Altiplano, where the showers are slowly transforming the parched highlands into a lush carpet of wildflowers.

Sucre, Bolivia
Bolivia in December: Travel Tips, Weather & More

Christmas might be around the corner (along with several other exciting festivals), but the weather in Bolivia this month is surprisingly good. In fact, of all the low season months from November through March, December is arguably best for a visit, with lower rainfall, higher temperatures, and more overall sun. And if the rain does come down, Bolivia has a phenomenal culture to tap into, which can usually be done indoors: at one of La Paz's standout museums, for example, or in cities like Sucre or Tarija.