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Panoramic view of Andean peaks and a mineral-rich lagoon in the Atacama region.
Map of Hiking the Atacama Desert - 10 Days
Hiking the Atacama Desert - 10 Days

This 10-day trip takes you into some of Chile’s most dramatic landscapes. Multi-hued valleys, rocky canyons, towering sand dunes and azure-colored lagoons set the stage for big adventures in the otherworldly scenery of the Atacama Desert. The evenings are spectacular, with dramatic sunsets followed by night skies cluttered with stars.

Cuernos del Paine in Torres del Paine National Park
Map of Santiago & W Trek Adventure - 10 Days
Santiago & W Trek Adventure - 10 Days

If you're looking to explore Chilean culture and experience the rugged landscapes of Patagonia, then this itinerary is right for you. Start your adventure in the capital city of Santiago and explore the city's markets, skyscrapers, and parks. Next, head to the coast to experience the vibrant and colorful cities of Valparaíso and Viña del Mar. Then, venture south to Patagonia for a visit to Torres del Paine National Park - one of the most beautiful protected areas in the world. Here, you'll head out on a 4-day version of the famed "W" circuit trek to take in the stunning beauty of Patagonia on foot.