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Mountains in Torres del Paine National Park. Summer in the south of Chile.
Best Time of Year to Visit Chile

Stretching for more than 2600 miles along the western side of South America, Chile is a narrow country of dramatic extremes. You’ll find bone dry deserts in the north, glacial fields in the south, and lush valleys, smoldering volcanoes and enchanting beaches in between. With its diversity of geography and climates, Chile offers year-round appeal, from skiing in winter to trekking and beach-hopping in summer.

Torrest Del Paine and Pehoe Lake
Map of Best Things to Do in Chile
Best Things to Do in Chile

Home to Andean peaks, dramatic coastlines and otherworldly deserts, Chile has an astonishing variety of landscapes that set the scene for unforgettable adventures. You can trek through Patagonian wilderness in the deep south or buzzing beach towns in the north. In between, you’ll find award-winning wineries, art-filled bohemian enclaves and impossibly picturesque valleys, not to mention one of South America’s most dynamic cities. The biggest challenge is deciding where to begin.

A sunset in Torres del Paine National Park
Top Highlights of Chile (and How to Do Them Differently)

The secret's almost out. Boasting some of the planet's most diverse and remote landscapes—and an up-and-coming capital—Chile is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination. We've listed the country's top highlights with alternative ideas on how to skip the still-manageable, yet swelling crowds. Read on to learn more.

Sunset over Lake Pehoe in Southern Patagonia.
Map of Top 10 Regions in Chile: Where to Go & What to See
Top 10 Regions in Chile: Where to Go & What to See

A magnet for nature lovers, Chile has a little of everything, from ice-capped volcanoes to lush rain forests. The diversity of its landscapes and vast size offer limitless adventures: trekking past glaciers and soaring Patagonian peaks, watching sunsets over otherworldly desert valleys, and basking in mountain hot springs or on a white-sand beach after long days of exploring. The following is a list of the country’s top 10 regions to visit when traveling one of the world’s longest countries. 

Going Off the Beaten Path in Chile: 7 Places to Discover
Map of Going Off the Beaten Path in Chile: 7 Places to Discover
Going Off the Beaten Path in Chile: 7 Places to Discover

There's so much to see and do in Chile. Getting off the beaten path—and away from the crowds—is a great way to experience the country's natural beauty and cultural character. Go whale-watching from a little-visited island, check out a ghost town, drive hairpin roads in Patagonia, and star-gaze in a quiet valley with this list of ideas.

Hanging Glacier at Queulat National Park in Chile
6 Places Most Travelers Miss in Chile (But Shouldn't)

Locals are the best source of travel information, and Chile is no exception. With the help of our local specialists, we found some of the best-kept secret places in Chile, including a surfing mecca on the edge of the Atacama Desert, mystical health and wellness retreat towns, and ski resorts that are high on fresh powder and low on crowds.

Chile has a variety of landscapes waiting to be discovered
How kimkim Trips Work in Chile

Chile is what travel dreams are made of. Star-gazing, road tripping, wine tasting, and wildlife: from its northern reaches to the southern tip of Patagonia, this is a destination with endless options. Kimkim can help tailor a trip that's perfectly in line with your interests—find out how we do it in this article.

Chile FAQ
Chile FAQ

Chile is a world-renowned destination, filled with scenic high-altitude deserts, culturally rich cities, and vast expanses of Patagonian wilderness. This list answers the most common questions asked by travelers to Chile, from what to pack to how to get around.