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Egypt in January: Travel Tips, Weather, and More
Egypt in January: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

January is wintertime in Egypt which makes it one of the best times of the year to visit. The weather is cooler in Cairo and around the Nile-Delta region so you won't have to deal with the stifling heat of the summer months yet it's still sunny and beautiful. Farther south, temperatures stay hot but ease up in the evenings. The pleasant weather brings larger crowds but if you can tolerate other tourists, it's the perfect time for a trip.

Great Sphinx of Egypt
Egypt in February: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

High season is in full effect in Egypt in February. The weather is cooler this time of the year and the air is more pleasant, a fact that draws many tourists to visit the world's oldest civilization. It's the perfect time to check out the Pyramids of Giza and other key historical sites where you'll find temperatures idyllic for strolling around the magnificent ruins and watching the ancient cities bustle with life.

Red Sea resort in Egypt
Egypt in March: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

March is shoulder season in Egypt and without a doubt one of the best times of year to visit. The weather begins warming up as winter comes to an end; however, the temperatures are not yet scorching hot. This makes it a fantastic time to stroll through the ancient ruins and explore the historical sites. Plus, as a bonus, the crowds begin thinning out, giving you the space you soak up all of the wonder.

Egypt in April: Travel Tips, Weather, and More
Egypt in April: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

April is still considered shoulder season in Egypt, however, the weather is considerably hotter than it is in May and toward the end of the month the crowds begin clearing out significantly. This makes it a great time for a visit, particularly if you can tolerate the more intense heat that begins arriving at the end of the moth. It' not scorching hot yet and you can enjoy a "best of both worlds" scenario where the weather is reasonably pleasant but the crowds are smaller.

Egypt's Red Sea
Egypt in May: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

May is the beginning of the summer in Egypt and one of the hotter times of the year to visit. It's a magical time to head to the Red Sea coastal resorts where temperatures are slightly cooler and the gentle sea breezes help temper the heat. Plus, you can often scoop up end-of-season deals and there are fewer tourists crowding the attractions. Inland and farther south, the heat can be oppressive and the desert is known for sandstorms this time of year so it's best to stick to the northern region.

Sinai Peninsula desert sunrise
Egypt in June: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

By June, summertime is in full swing and, along with it, considerable heat. That doesn't mean you can't have a fantastic Egyptian vacation this time of year but you do have to plan your destinations a bit more thoroughly. The beaches along the Red Sea are stunning and full of life and in Cairo, the temperatures are cooler as well. Southern destinations, however, can reach temperatures of up to 106°F during the days, making it an undesirable time for most tourist attractions. The upshot is there are far fewer tourists during this low season.

Sharm El Sheikh resort on the Red Sea
Egypt in July: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

July is the hottest month of the year in Egypt and for that reason, it 's considered low season. Due to the high temperatures, many tourists avoid booking trips and the crowds thin out substantially. This makes it a great time to visit if you're someone who can tolerate a little extra heat—you'll have much more room at the pyramids and other historical sites, and the costs go down, too. Best of all, there are still plenty of destinations—particularly on the beaches—where temperatures are still pleasant and the evenings cool off considerably.

Date palms in Sharm El Sheikh
Egypt in August: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

The summer season in Egypt is a hot time and August is no exception. Daytime temperatures can range 96 to 105°F and the midday heat can at times feel sweltering. That said, it's also a time when very few tourists visit and prices are low, making it an enticing option for certain types of travelers. Although hot, the Pyramids of Giza and other wonders are no less awe-inspiring this time of year.

Sunset at the Great Pyramids
Egypt in September: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

September marks the end of the hot summer and the beginning of the transition into cooler weather in Egypt. Temperatures are still warm but no longer sweltering hot, especially toward to middle and end of the month. It's a fantastic time to wander through the ancient ruins in or swim in the turquoise sea, taking advantage of the "best of both worlds" atmosphere.

Cruising the Nile River
Egypt in October: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

By October, temperatures throughout Egypt have finally begun cooling down (although keep in mind that "cool" is a relative term in this part of the world). Daytime highs range from 88 to 100°F, depending on where you are in the country; however, it's not the unbearable heat of the summertime (which hovers constantly in the triple digits). Not only that, the crowd sizes are more moderate, making it an excellent time to explore the ancient ruins or swim in the crystal blue ocean.

Egypt in November: Travel Tips, Weather, and More
Egypt in November: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

November is one of the best times of year to visit Egypt. It's the beginning of winter and the temperatures cool off dramatically, offering respite from the scorching heat of the summer months. The crowds grow in size this time of year but don't yet hit the peak that arrives in December and January. It's a fantastic month to discover the many treasures of the world's oldest civilization.

Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu, Luxor
Egypt in December: Travel Tips, Weather, and More

With its cooler temperatures and bustling energy, December is one of the best times of the year to visit Egypt. The weather is pleasant and special events abound as tourists spill in for the holidays. It's more crowded than usual; however, the extra bodies also bring an exciting, fun-filled atmosphere with crowded markets and vibrant nightlife.