Greece 8-Day Sailing Trips & Itineraries

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Sailing the Cyclades
Map of Sailing the Greek Cyclades Islands - 8 Days
Sailing the Greek Cyclades Islands - 8 Days

Sailing the Greek islands for a week sounds amazing for good reason. Board a catamaran with an experienced crew to hop from island to stunning island in the Cyclades. Along the way, explore the best of Mykonos and watch the sunset from Santorini, see ancient ruins, and swim in the azure Aegean waters before bedding down in your boat each night.

A secluded cove in the Ionian sea, accessible only by boat
Map of Sail the Ionian Sea from Corfu - 8 Days
Sail the Ionian Sea from Corfu - 8 Days

If you love sunny days, turquoise waters, and relaxing beaches, this tour's for you! Sweep from coastal town to coastal town as you travel by yacht from Corfu to Syvota, Paxos, and more. Explore ancient ruins, sun yourself on Ionian beaches, and fall in love with everything Greece has to offer.

The Cyclades Islands of Greece
Sailing the Greek Cyclades: Paros, Mykonos, Serifos - 8 Days

As the ultimate sailing adventure through Greece's coveted Cyclades Islands, this tour combines bustling city life with tranquil villages nestled in the Aegean Sea. From some of Europe's best nightlife to humble fishing towns and secluded beaches, travelers will enjoy Greece's rich and varied heritage. Enjoy sunsets and local seafood while discovering important and ancient archeological sites, all from the comfort of a private yacht.