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Midnight sun setting on Mt. Kirkjufell
Best Time of Year To Visit Iceland

Given the rapidly increasing popularity of Iceland as travel destination, the question "When is the best time of year to go to Iceland?" has become as much about taking into account the right weather conditions as it is about avoiding the crowds and finding available accommodation at reasonable rates. Depending on how you weigh these factors, and what you would like to do in Iceland, we'll help you decide which season is right for you.

Gullfoss Falls - Iceland's second largest waterfall
5 Best Things to Do in Iceland

Dubbed the Land of Ice and Fire, Iceland is a delight for all of your senses, from the deep chill of the air to the smoky smell of the volcanoes to the sights and sounds of the country’s most famous tourist attraction, the Northern Lights. Iceland is a bucket list destination for travelers from all around the world. Here are some Icelandic experiences you won’t want to miss.

Where To Go in Iceland: the Best Sights and Activities Region by Region
Map of Where To Go in Iceland: the Best Sights and Activities Region by Region
Where To Go in Iceland: the Best Sights and Activities Region by Region

Don’t just stick to the Golden Circle and South Coast. You may see some great sights, but you’ll spend a lot of time in lines and waiting for people to get out of your pictures. To see a side of Iceland fewer travelers see, spend some time in Snaefellsnes, the Westfjords, or the North of the country. You’ll appreciate more of Iceland’s beauty and culture than you can by sticking to the most-visited areas.

Skogafoss waterfall, Iceland
How Kimkim Trips Works in Iceland

Travelers love Iceland for its wild landscapes, Reykjavik's cultural charms, and the seasonal magic of the Northern Lights. Work with a kimkim travel specialist to experience it all (while escaping the crowds): discover glaciers and waterfalls, stay in remote farmhouses, hike breathtaking trails, and do Reykjavik like a local. Read on to learn what it's like to plan a trip with kimkim, starting with customizing the perfect itinerary.

Discover waterfalls of Iceland's south coast
Options for Touring Iceland

From natural phenomena like geysers and glaciers to Reykjavík’s buzzing cultural and dining scene, you’ll want to make the most of your trip to Iceland. Learn about your options for touring the country and start planning an adventure that works for you.

Iceland: Frequently Asked Questions
Iceland: Frequently Asked Questions

From must-try foods to the perfect time to see the Northern Lights, find answers to all of your most pressing questions about Iceland in this comprehensive list.