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Take in a spring sunset, like from the foothills of Carrauntoohil, MacGillycuddy's Reeks mountains
Best Time of Year to Visit Ireland

Ireland has mild temperatures and plenty of rain, no matter when you choose to visit. Summer is warmest, with long days perfect for road trips and village-to-village walks. Spring wildflowers burst through cracks in glacial limestone and fall bedecks the national parks in dazzling foliage. Chilly, quiet winters offer fewer options, though travelers will love the cheerful holiday festivities in Dublin. Read on and choose the season that's right for you.

Top Highlights of Ireland (and How to Do Them Differently)
Top Highlights of Ireland (and How to Do Them Differently)

From Dublin to the Giant's Causeway, what most newcomers know of Ireland—and what's actually possible here—are two different things. With a bit of curiosity, it's possible to enjoy the highlights of Ireland in a wholly unique way. Experience Ireland's best-loved cities and sights differently with these ideas, including a "black taxi" tour of Belfast and midnight kayaking on a bioluminescent lake.

Top Regions in Ireland
Map of Top Regions in Ireland
Top Regions in Ireland

Ireland is a study in diversity. From the gentle slopes of the Mourne Mountains to the looming Cliffs of Moher, from the patchwork fields to the pebble beaches, and from the kinetic energy of Dublin's streets to the reconciled northern metropolis of Belfast, no two regions are exactly alike. That makes Ireland a veritable treasure trove of culture, sights, and activities perfect for newcomers.