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Explore the snow-laden hills of Golan Heights in winter
Israel in January: Travel Tips, Weather & More

Cooler temperatures and fewer crowds make January a great time to visit Israel. History enthusiasts can take advantage of the quieter landmarks in Jerusalem and museums in Tel Aviv. Meanwhile, those looking for a unique experience can head to Israel's only ski field at Mount Hermon. On the opposite end of Israel, sun lovers can escape the Northern Hemisphere's freezing temperatures with a trip down to Eilat or explore Ein Gedi National Park and the Bahai Gardens on Mount Carmel.

Skyline of the Old City at the Western Wall and Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel
Israel in February: Travel Tips, Weather & More

With temperatures reaching a high of 72ºF (22ºC) in Eilat and a low of 26ºF (-3ºC) at Mount Hermon, February is an excellent time for both snow enthusiasts and beachgoers to visit Israel. While you'll need to plan for the occasional rainy day, in return, you can take advantage of cheaper flight and accommodation prices. Plus, with fewer visitors in Israel, you can roam the Biblical highlights of Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher without the crowds.

In Haifa, wander the many terraces of the Hanging Gardens of Haifa (Bahá'í Terraces)
Israel in March: Travel Tips, Weather & More

Considered off-season, March is a great time to visit Israel and explore its bucket list of biblical sites and lively coastal towns without the crowds. Mount Hermon, in northern Israel, will still have a dusting of snow, while Eilat, in southern Israel, will see temperatures in the 70s (Fahrenheit), perfect for long days at the beach. However, as Easter draws near, Christians from around the world flock to the country, and once-quiet churches and biblical landmarks will be busy.

Head to the coast in April to float in the buoyant waters of the Dead Sea
Israel in April: Travel Tips, Weather & More

With wildflowers in bloom and Easter and Passover in full swing, April is a fascinating time to visit Israel. If you want to participate in the celebrations, head to Jerusalem and watch the pilgrimage along Via Dolorosa. Or, take advantage of the pleasant temperatures and watch the annual bird migration in Hula Nature Reserve. Plan early if you're traveling over Easter; otherwise, you can enjoy the quiet towns and biblical sites throughout the rest of the month.

Stroll the historic streets of Tel Aviv's ancient port of Jaffa in May
Israel in May: Travel Tips, Weather & More

Plentiful sunshine, warm days, and great deals make May one of the best times to visit Israel. Long gone are the winter rains, and with cool evenings and mornings, you can tick off Jerusalem and Tiberias' historical highlights and spend long days at the beach in Tel Aviv and Eilat. Plus, with festivals and public holidays on the calendar, you can experience the parades and festivities held throughout May.

In June, take a day trip from Jerusalem to Qumran National Park, the discovery site of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Israel in June: Travel Tips, Weather & More

Summer has arrived in Israel in June, and with it, high temperatures in the 80s and 90s (Fahrenheit), plus long days of sunshine. Pack plenty of sunscreen, and it's the perfect month to spend your days in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea in Tel Aviv and Haifa. Or, head to Jerusalem and explore the Old City and biblical sites in the cooler mornings and evenings while escaping the midday sun in world-class museums.

Take to Capernaum in July and visit Mount of Beatitudes for fews of the Sea of Galilee
Israel in July: Travel Tips, Weather & More

July is summer in Israel, and with temperatures in the 80s and 90s (Fahrenheit) and almost no precipitation, it's the perfect month to bask in the warm waters of the Mediterranean and tour the famous museums in Jerusalem. Pack plenty of sunscreen and tour the biblical sites of Tiberias, or brave the heat and travel south to Eilat to discover the fascinating underwater world of the Red Sea.

Gilboa Hot Air Balloon Festival at night
Israel in August: Travel Tips, Weather & More

August is a great time to explore Israel's fascinating historical sites, beautiful coastlines, and scenic nature reserves. Stick to northern Israel, where temperatures are in the 70s and 80s (Fahrenheit), and the waters of the Mediterranean Sea are perfect for swimming. As August is peak tourist season, book accommodation and activities early to avoid disappointment, but in return, you can enjoy the country's lively nightlife, bustling markets, and epic festivals.

Check out the ancient ruins of the old port in Caesarea National Park, Northern Israel
Israel in September: Travel Tips, Weather & More

Fewer crowds and pleasant temperatures make September one of the best times to visit Israel. Wander the country's many museums and biblical sites at your own pace, swim or snorkel in the warm Mediterranean waters, and take advantage of cheaper flights and accommodations. Plan your trip around the Jewish New Year, when many businesses are closed, and you can pack in plenty of sightseeing and adventuring in a one to two-week trip.

  Beautiful sunrise over Masada fortress and the Judean Desert
Israel in October: Travel Tips, Weather & More

October is a great time to visit Israel to take advantage of the pleasant temperatures, lower accommodation prices, and less busy historical wonders. Once-packed museums and churches will be yours to explore at your own pace, while the waters of the Mediterranean will be perfect for spending long days at the beach. The Jewish holiday of Sukkot also usually falls in October, and you can join in on the festivities celebrating the year's harvest.

Explore the biblical village of Cana (Kafr Kanna) in November
Israel in November: Travel Tips, Weather & More

With cheaper flights and accommodations, mild temperatures, and fewer crowds, November is one of the best times to visit Israel. Take advantage of the warm afternoon sun and swim in the pleasant waters of the Mediterranean Sea, then tick off the biblical sites surrounding Jerusalem and Tiberias at your own pace in the mornings and evenings. History lovers should also aim to visit during the Jerusalem Knights Festival to watch entertaining knightly performances.

Swim and snorkel the Red Sea's Coral Beach Nature Reserve in Eilat in December
Israel in December: Travel Tips, Weather & More

Mild temperatures, fewer crowds, and reduced flight and accommodation prices make December a great time to visit. And if you time your trip around the holidays, you can experience Hanukkah's traditions and ring in the New Year in style. Plus, with temperatures in the 50s and 60s (Fahrenheit), December is the perfect time to explore the country's national parks and famous biblical sites.