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Sunrise in the post town of Narai, Japan
Map of Hike Japan's Nakasendo Trail - 5 Days
Hike Japan's Nakasendo Trail - 5 Days

Step back in time and immerse yourself in nature on this five-day hiking trip along the historic Nakasendo Trail. Feudal lords and samurai once walked this mountain path connecting Kyoto and Tokyo, stopping to rest in historic jukus, or Edo-era post towns, each night. You'll follow in their footsteps as you trek through picturesque valleys, explore idyllic villages, sleep in traditional inns, and relax in the thermal waters of hot springs along the hike.

The original paved stones of the old Nakasendo Trail
Map of Walking the Historic Nakasendo Trail - 10 Days
Walking the Historic Nakasendo Trail - 10 Days

Take a walk through time on this 10-day Japan tour. The highlight of this journey is a self-guided walk on the Nakasendo Trail, a historic walking route that's part of feudal Japan's original network of highways. Historically, travelers on the mountain path between Kyoto and Tokyo took several days to travel the distance, staying overnight in jukus (post towns or post station villages). You'll retrace their footsteps as you meander through serene forests, dip in thermal springs, and rest in local inns by night, taking time to explore the vibrant cities of Kyoto and Tokyo at the start and end of the trip.

Unmanned stone steps of Kumano Nachi Taisha
Map of Hiking Japan's Kumano Kodo - 11 Days
Hiking Japan's Kumano Kodo - 11 Days

Get off the beaten path and onto the Kumano Kodo, a network of ancient pilgrimage trails in the remote Kii Peninsula. Trek to grand shrines and thermal hot springs on this self-guided trip, great for those looking to challenge themselves with full-day hikes through hilly terrain. You'll be rewarded, however, with unforgettable experiences as you follow in the footsteps of emperors.

Boating in Arashiyama
Map of Natural Wonders of Japan - 10 Days
Natural Wonders of Japan - 10 Days

Just as fascinating as Japan's ultra-modern urban culture is its spectacular natural scenery. On this 10-day adventure, you'll venture beyond the glittering cities to explore Japan's stunning natural wonders and learn about the country's ancient cultural traditions. Visit ancient shrines, climb mountain peaks, wander through lush bamboo forests, learn about geisha culture and fine arts customs, and marvel at the country's most prized landscape garden. You'll end the journey in quiet Kyoto, enjoying a boat cruise on the Hozugawa River past vibrant cherry blossoms.

A dusting of snow along the Nakasendo Trail leading into Magome
Map of Winter on the Nakasendo Trail: Kyoto, Kiso Valley & Tokyo - 8 Days
Winter on the Nakasendo Trail: Kyoto, Kiso Valley & Tokyo - 8 Days

Experience the tranquil magic of a Japanese winter during this immersive eight-day itinerary. Starting in Kyoto, you'll head to the snowy Kiso Valley to hike along the ancient Nakasendo Trail, spending each night in quaint wooden villages or hot spring inns. After a week spent savoring regional cuisine, snowshoeing through cedar forests, and soaking in natural mineral pools, you'll enjoy your final night in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo—the historical endpoint of the trail.

Fall Colors of Kamikochi National Park in the Japanse Alps
Map of Hiking The Japanese Alps From Nakasendo to Takayama - 6 Days
Hiking The Japanese Alps From Nakasendo to Takayama - 6 Days

Combine the natural beauty of the Japanese Alps with visits to historic post towns in this six-day walking adventure. Hike across mountain passes and descend into villages filled with craft shops, gorgeous architecture, and picturesque streets, all while enjoying dramatic views of the alpine scenery. End your trip with an unforgettable hike through Kamikochi Wetlands, but not before sleeping each night in traditional onsen ryokans and enjoying daily hot spring baths.

Kyoto's Kinkaku-ji Temple
Map of Culture & History of Japan - 14 days
Culture & History of Japan - 14 days

Embark on a journey through Japan’s cultural past with this immersive two-week itinerary. Starting in the modern capital of Tokyo, you’ll travel north to traditional mountain hot springs before making your way through the historic post towns of the ancient Nakasendo Trail. Wander through the 16th-century architecture of Takayama, discover the alpine valleys and traditional thatched-roof farmhouses of Shirakawa-go, and step back in time in the imperial capital of Kyoto. Spend a night with Buddhist monks at the mountaintop temples of Mount Koya before returning to Tokyo for a final evening in the city that never sleeps.

Experience the culture and ancient traditions of the Shikoku Pilgrim trail's many temples
Map of Japan's Shikoku Pilgrim Trail - 13 Days
Japan's Shikoku Pilgrim Trail - 13 Days

This 13-day adventure checks off several Buddhist temples along a famous pilgrimage trail on Japan's remote Shikoku Island. Starting in Osaka, you'll transfer to Tokushima for a dose of urban culture. Then set off toward some of the trail's 88 temples as you pass through lush greenery and towering mountains peppered with hot springs. This self-guided tour offers accommodations and side trips for an utterly customizable trip.