Make the Most of Your Time in Nepal

Have a fixed number of days? Maximize the things to see and do during your visit

With a limited time to spend in a culturally rich nation like Nepal, you’ll want to make every second count. Even with just five days you could design an itinerary that includes hiking the rolling green hills and mountain villages outside the capital of Kathmandu as well as traveling to the lake city of Pokhara for some paragliding and white-water rafting. With 10 days you could embark on various mountain hikes, including the Kalinchowk Temple Trek (with its epic views of the Himalaya) and to Pikey Peak, which features one of the best views in Nepal. And with two weeks you could visit the Hindu temples of the capital, embark on mountain treks, and enjoy a multi-day river adventure on the Karnali in the unspoiled Bardia National Park.

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