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How Many Days to Spend in South Korea

A 10-day visit is recommended for South Korea. The small size of the country, combined with good roads, multiple domestic airports, and excellent public transportation, makes it possible to travel efficiently. Ten days give you enough time for outdoor adventures on Jeju Island, coastal views and traditional markets in Busan, and historical sites and cultural activities in Andong—in addition to urban exploration and street food in Seoul.

Sinheungsa Buddhist temple in Seoraksan National Park, Seoraksan, South Korea
Map of 5 Days in South Korea - 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas
5 Days in South Korea - 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas

With five days in South Korea, you can split your time between Seoul and Gyeongju and get to know the country's traditions and temples on a cultural tour, or head to Sokcho and explore Seoraksan National Park on a nature-focused itinerary. If you're curious to see South Korea's highlights in a unique way, consider a foodie tour filled with markets and street food or a K-drama itinerary of famous film sights while snow enthusiasts shouldn't miss time in Yong Pyong Ski Resort on a winter adventure.

Andong folk village view with traditional wooden thatched roof house in Andong, South Korea
Map of 1 Week in South Korea - 4 Unique Itinerary Ideas
1 Week in South Korea - 4 Unique Itinerary Ideas

One week in South Korea offers enough time to immerse yourself in the country's culture, cuisine, and pristine landscapes. On a highlights tour, you can tick off all three while staying in Seoul, Andong, and Gyeongju or focus on the street food scene of Busan and Jeju Island on a culinary trip. Those looking to discover the rich art of South Korea will find Seoul the place to be, while nature enthusiasts shouldn't miss the opportunity to explore the Western Coast of the Korean Peninsula.

Gyeongbokgung palace in autumn, Seoul, South Korea
Map of 10 Days in South Korea - 4 Unique Itinerary Ideas
10 Days in South Korea - 4 Unique Itinerary Ideas

With 10 days in South Korea, you can enjoy a well-rounded introduction to the country's bustling cities and historical sites on a highlights tour or take a deeper dive into Seoul, Andong, Gyeongju, and Busan's intriguing past on a history and culture-focused trip. Adventure seekers can enjoy the endless activities in Odaesan and Seoraksan National Parks, while K-drama fans should take advantage of an itinerary packed with iconic filming locations.

Enjoy a sunset over Seongsan Ilchulbong, Jeju island
Map of 2 Weeks in South Korea - 4 Unique Itinerary Ideas
2 Weeks in South Korea - 4 Unique Itinerary Ideas

Two weeks is enough time to tour South Korea's highlights, including natural and historical attractions in Seoul, Busan, and Sokcho. Travelers seeking outdoor adventures and cultural exploration will enjoy a traditional market, hiking, and beach time at Jeju Island as well as temples and river rafting in Pyeongchang. A wellness escape brings you to Yeongju to visit a healing center and Suncheon for its national garden and bamboo forest, while a highlights tour allows you to see the best of South Korea and Japan.