Slovenia Biking Tours & Itineraries

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From the Adriatic Coast to the high alpine peaks of Triglav National Park, Slovenia offers no shortage of cycling routes. If coastal rides are your thing, consider a week-long trip along the Istria Peninsula on a combined Italy/Slovenia adventure. Or enjoy the highlights of Slovenia from the cobbled streets of Ljubljana to mountain plateaus and the Goriška Brda wine country. An adventurous option is touring the Julian Alps—you'll visit the emerald waters of Lake Bled, medieval villages, and the glittering Soča River.

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Cycling along the Soča River
Map of Slovenia Cycling Adventure - 7 Days
Slovenia Cycling Adventure - 7 Days

Discover Slovenia's diverse natural beauty on this thrilling week-long cycling trip from the Julian Alps, through wine country to the seaside. Take in unforgettable views on this challenging ride as you pedal across stunning terrain. You'll climb up mountain passes and follow emerald green rivers in Triglav National Park, go wine tasting in the vineyards of Goriška Brda, and swim in the Adriatic Sea in historic Piran. The tour is suitable for all levels. Its many variations cater to all tastes – on gravel or trail, from easy to difficult. However, a basic fitness level is necessary.

Town of Hum
Map of Istria & Adriatic Cycling Tour - 7 Days
Istria & Adriatic Cycling Tour - 7 Days

Discover the Istrian Coast in this relaxed weeklong tour. Cycle easy country roads through vineyards and endless olive groves, enjoy afternoon coffee in medieval town squares and soak in the casual coastal atmosphere. Warm sunshine and cool ocean breezes, fresh local food, and historic coastal villages—it's hard to imagine a better way to spend your holiday.

Some of the scenery you'll encounter in Triglav National Park
Map of Ultimate Bike Tour in the Julian Alps - 8 Days
Ultimate Bike Tour in the Julian Alps - 8 Days

Experience the Julian Alps on this intermediate mountain bike tour. You'll swim in Slovenia's famous lakes and hike through Triglav National Park and the Soča Valley, biking the area's roads and trails throughout. Meet friendly locals, sample Slovenian cuisine, and jump into waterfalls: there are adventures waiting around every (mountain) bend.

Cycling in Triglav National Park, Slovenia
Map of Cycling Highlights of Slovenia - 8 Days
Cycling Highlights of Slovenia - 8 Days

This cycling tour of Slovenia is a thrilling mix of great riding, luxury boutique hotels, and exquisite local food. Explore Ljubljana's old town, explore the fairytale-like landscapes of the Soca River Valley, and ride through the idyllic countryside of the Slovenian Alps. End your trip on the Adriatic coast, where world-class wines, a Mediterranean vibe, and exceptional farm-to-table cuisine await.