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Pamukkale in January
Turkey in January: Travel Tips, Weather, & More

January is mid-winter in Turkey and definitely not peak season. But if you're after a city break, the lack of crowds compared to the summer might be appealing, so bundle up and get ready to hit up Turkey's top-notch museums and cultural attractions. Here are some important tips for visiting Turkey in January.

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul on a frosty winter morning
Turkey in February: Travel Tips, Weather, & More

February is mid-winter in Turkey. Tourist crowds are low and many resorts are closed, but if you're seeking culture, history, and big-city attractions, it can be a good time to visit. Temperatures are not generally as cold as you might be used to in North America or Northern Europe, and there are plenty of indoor activities to enjoy to stay warm. Here's how to make the most of a trip to Turkey in February.

The ancient city of Pergamom
Turkey in March: Travel Tips, Weather, & More

March in Turkey is the tail end of winter and the start of spring. Depending on where you go, you might experience wintery or pleasantly warm weather as this is an unpredictable month in Turkey as it is elsewhere. If you want to check out Turkey's multitude of cultural and historic attractions without the crowds or hot weather, March could be a good time for you. Read on to find out more about visiting Turkey in March.

Ephesus in the spring
Turkey in April: Travel Tips, Weather, & More

April is a popular time to visit some regions of Turkey, but it remains low season in others. With warm weather, a slew of cultural and religious festivals, and great conditions for certain hikes, there's plenty to do. Depending on your interests and travel priorities, you might find April an ideal time to visit. Read on for more information on visiting Turkey in April.

Cappadocia in Turkey
Turkey in May: Travel Tips, Weather, & More

May is late spring and early summer in Turkey, so temperatures are warm throughout the country and visitors flock to the cities, ancient sites, and outdoor attractions. If you like sightseeing conditions that are warm but not too hot, May might be a good time for you to travel to Turkey. Find out more about visiting in this month below.

Oludeniz Beach in Fethiye
Turkey in June: Travel Tips, Weather, & More

Temperatures soar in Turkey in June, making it a perfect time to hit the beaches of the Aegean or Mediterranean coasts. If culture and history are more your thing, Istanbul is relatively free of tourists and you won't have to queue for hours. Here are some tips for visiting Turkey in mid-summer.

Marina in Antalya
Turkey in July: Travel Tips, Weather, & More

Peak season in parts of the country but pleasantly free of crowds in others, July is midsummer in Turkey and the temperatures are high. If you love beaches or like the idea of having amazing cultural sites mostly to yourself, consider visiting Turkey in July. Read on to learn more about traveling to Turkey in this month.

Blue lagoon in Oludeniz, Turkey
Turkey in August: Travel Tips, Weather, & More

If you like hot weather and beaches then make a beeline to Turkey in August (along with much of the rest of Europe!) August is the peak of the summer season in Turkey and that means busy beaches and high prices along the coast, but relatively uncrowded cities and cultural sites. Read on to learn more about traveling to Turkey in August.

Istanbul in September
Turkey in September: Travel Tips, Weather, & More

September is high season in Turkey, but temperatures begin to cool after the intense heat of August, and crowds of beach-goers return to work across Europe. To enjoy a summer vacation outside the busiest time of year, head to Turkey in September. Read on to learn more.

Hiking the Lycian Way
Turkey in October: Travel Tips, Weather, & More

October is high season in parts of Turkey and shoulder season in others. Pleasant temperatures make outdoor sightseeing and hiking good options for an October trip to this diverse country. Read on to learn more about traveling to Turkey in October.

Trams in central Istanbul
Turkey in November: Travel Tips, Weather, & More

November is late autumn in Turkey and while temperatures remain warm on the south coast, elsewhere they're starting to get much cooler. This is a good time of year to enjoy Turkey's cultural attractions, of which there are many. Learn more about traveling to Turkey in November below.

Rocky landscape of Cappadocia
Turkey in December: Travel Tips, Weather, & More

December is early winter in Turkey, and while temperatures are at their coldest (along with January and February), travelers from many parts of North America or Northern Europe probably won't find most places too cold. December is a great time to enjoy Turkey's sights without the crowds. Read on to learn more about traveling in Turkey in December.