Ethiopia Adventure - Oct 10 - Oct 13, 2017

Traveler: Audrey L. - Local specialist: Marco Degasper

Marco was disorganized and did not have your stereotypical tour guide personality. He constantly couldn't answer basic questions like "what do locals eat" or "what church are we touring?" Then there was no one waiting for us when we arrived at the airport in Lalibela. I was expecting to book a LOCAL guide, but all the places we were taken to in Addis Ababa were what we would call "tourist traps" - buffet dinner for tour groups and shopping stops for major tour companies. Definitely not what we signed up for!

I didn't enjoy Addis Ababa, but the local guide in Lalibela was great.

Marco Degasper profile photo
Marco Degasper, local specialist, responded to this review:

Dear Audrey,
I'm sorry that not everything went as you expected.
On the other side I see you focus only on the negative aspects and do not mention the things you liked. I don't find the vote of 1.5 out of 5 fair for a 3.5 days tour in which you enjoyed the 2 full days in Lalibela while only the first half day was below your expectations.
We tried to satisfy you as much as possible and will continue to do this with our customers in the future.