Trip of a Lifetime
the United States | Feb 13 - Feb 18, 2023

Olivia L.
| Reviewed on May 21, 2023

My best friend, my dog, and I took an unforgettable road trip through California, all thanks to our incredible travel specialist Leo! From the planning stages to the actual trip, Leo's attention to detail, expertise, and personalized touch truly made this trip one of the most fun and special trips I've ever been on :)

We traveled from Santa Barbara to San Francisco up the Pacific Coast Highway, stopping at the most beautiful beaches along the way! One of the highlights of the trip was our whale-watching tour in Monterey Bay. Leo made sure to book us on the best cruise company, where we were fortunate enough to see WHALES!! along with dolphins and seals :) It was INCREDIBLE! The crew was fantastic, providing insightful information and answering all our many many many questions :)

Leo's excellent recommendations for hikes and lookout points allowed us to fully appreciate the beauty of California (this was my very time there), and even helped us find some less crowded and dog-friendly spots to enjoy! He was also incredibly responsive and supportive during the entire trip, checking in regularly to make sure everything was running smoothly and providing timely solutions to any unexpected changes or issues. Our kayaking tour was canceled due to wind, but Leo jumped in immediately and provided us with tonnssss of options!

I can't thank Leo enough for putting together this unforgettable trip. The memories we made on this trip will last a lifetime (the tattoos we got in Santa Barbara also will LOL)! Thanks a million, Leo! You're the best <3

Activity Review
Monterey Bay whale watching
Monterey Bay whale watching

IT WAS INCREDIBLE! We saw whales and dolphins! The crew was so very friendly, kind and patient. We had tons of questions and bothered them for a tour of the captain's room and they gave us a little tour of the inside! They were so funny and we really enjoyed our time on the boat! They told us tons of facts about the whales we got to see! On our cruise, we saw an adult female whale, with two juvenile whales and a bigger, male whale! It was so cool!! I would highly recommend going whale watching :) It was the highlight of my entire trip!

Quality of Experience
Had a place to sit inside and outside and plenty of viewing area for whales
Guides, Drivers and Staff
Everyone (staff) was hilarious and so kind. We quickly made friends with them and enjoyed chatting them and hearing all the knowledge they have about the whales, boats, ocean, etc.
10/10 great boat ride. Great driver-Captain gave us a tour and showed us how he steers the boat and then showed us the route we took!
Local specialist: Leo Cuesta
Leo Cuesta
Local specialist in USA | Replied on Aug 05, 2023

Hi Olivia,

Thank you for your wonderful review and photos and I'm glad you guys had an awesome time in California! Thanks for working with me for your trip and I hope to arrange another adventure for you in the future!

PS: Nice tattoos!