romania trip - Jun 17 - Jun 23, 2018

Traveler: Kathy C. - Local specialist: Raluca Teodor

I was a little skeptical initially about using Kim kim to assist w my travel planning as I had never heard of them and the 2 local travel agents that I know had not heard of them either. My family decided that Romania would be an interesting place to visit, but our local travel agents knew nothing about it and I was at a loss when attempting to plan the trip myself, using travel guide books etc.

I found Kim Kim while doing internet searches about travel planning for Romania. Kim kim connected me to a local travel guide, Raluca Teodor who was very helpful and responsive. Kim kim also was extremely helpful and responsive when I contacted them initially, they returned my calls and answered my questions about how their service worked immediately and then followed up with emails to be sure that all my questions were answered. I felt reassured that they were a legitimate company and I could feel secure in using their service to plan our vacation for our family, which ended up including 5 adults ranging in age from 25-70.

Raluca assisted me in planning every step of our trip including hotel transfers, itinerary, hotel and guest house bookings and suggestions for activities. The planning was made more difficult as everyone had different travel schedules and to make it back to Bucharest to go home at different intervals during the trip. Every hotel or guest house booked was clean, in a nice location and included a free, very nice breakfast. The guest houses provided home cooked dinners as well, preparing local specialties and some of them even provided picnic lunches. Romania is a beautiful country with many of the same attractions of other European destinations, including several Unesco designated sites, but at about 1/3 the price. We found many english speakers, especially among the younger people, though not as much as other European countries, we had wi fi in most of our accommodations. It was great to stay in the guest houses with the local people and learn some of their customs.

We enjoyed Transylvania which is beautiful and maybe the most populated area in Romania, but we also loved Bucovina for the painted monasteries and Maramures for the wooden churches and observing how the local people still dress in their traditional clothing, work in the fields daily and use horses and carts to transport hay and other products of their daily work. Romania is a great combination of old world charm with modern conveniences in most places. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to go somewhere a little off the grid but without too much roughing it.

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Raluca Teodor, local specialist, responded to this review:

Thank you so much Kathy for your kind words and all your remarks. We were very happy to assist you in planning the trip and even happier to see you and you family enjoyed it. Even more so to see you liked what our country has to offer.
We hope that all of our tourists will have the same experience and capture the underrated and undiscovered treasures that Romania has.

We hope to hear back form you in the future as it was a pleasure working with you!

All the best,