Family Trip to Kauai
Hawaii | Apr 2 - Apr 10, 2016

Tanguy P.
Palo Alto, CA | May 06, 2016

Thx to Kimkim my family had a great vacation. I was tasked to organise the family trip :-)
As I had never been to Hawaii I didn’t know where to start. Finding the right island, the right area and right accomodation for the needs of my family helped us to enjoy it.
Kimkim helps you find hidden gems. Well done guys. Count on me to spread the word.
Tanguy - an evangelist :-)

Got more than I could hope for.

Local specialist: Angelei Hauge-Valko
Alex Buri
Local specialist in | May 09, 2016

Hi Tanguy, glad that everything went smoothly. Angelei knows Kauai well, and I'm glad she shared a few of her hidden gems :) I hope the boys enjoyed their surfing lessons and were able to catch a few good waves...