DGS and Us - Jun 1 - Jun 14, 2018

Traveler: Trevor W. - Local specialist: Raluca Teodor

We met Raluca after the visit and gave feedback. Overall the trip was exactly what we asked for. We are pleased.
Every host did well albeit very differently from UK! To UK travellers I'd say it's like France in the 80's; no facilities for making hot drinks in your room except at hotels, and take bags of tea with you with travel kettle! After meals that you bought as part of the trip, you still have to pay for coffee as extra. Learn some Romanian - you'll need it. Driving there isn't hard if you're calm, but country roads can be unmetalled and deep potholes make for slow progress. Host-provided picnics can be clumsy chunks - and remember always you provide your own drink. Watch out for impulse stops; we were scammed by nuns! Do not use any yellow car at airport. I made a mistake and thought I would solve it using one and was overcharged and dumped away from target. If you use Bogdan in the Delta, rest assured he is an excellent boatman. He also speaks English excellently but don't expect him to be a nature guide too. We wanted to be self guiding and are happy, but for some people I'd suggest considering hiring guides for the mountain walks.

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Raluca Teodor, local specialist, responded to this review:

Thank you so much for you constructing feedback! It will definitely help us improve in the future! We are happy that overall you enjoyed your trip! It was a great pleasure in meeting and working with you!
Thank you !

All the best,