Nature and Culture in Romania: 15 Days
Romania | Oct 1 - Oct 15, 2018

Bayard T.
Tilton, NH | Oct 22, 2018

Our 15 day, self-drive tour of Romania was exceptional! Raluca and her team put together a terrific itinerary which brought us to a wide range of scenic, historic, urban and rural sights. In addition to the ‘must-see’ stops and historic town centers, the itinerary provided the opportunity to visit a variety of unique, out-of -the-way places like former monasteries, wooden and fortified churches, and castles and fortresses, all in varying states of repair. There were also great country drives through farms and pasture land and some truly impressive rides through the mountains. Don’t miss the Transfargarasan mountain road to Balea Lac!
We stayed in a mix of city hotels and country pensiuneas. These rural B&B ’s were all different. Most were unique. All were good.
We drove 1300 miles in 15 days. We were surprised and awed by the scenery. We saw an agrarian and pastoral life that will likely disappear in the next 25 years. We learned about the history and culture of a people of which we knew relatively little.
If you are travelers who are comfortable on your own, like to discover new places and learn the ‘what and why’ of its people, we highly recommend this trip to you.

Local specialist: Raluca Teodor