The tour was great, and Mihiret  was perfect....
Ethiopia | Jul 7 - Jul 13, 2023

MG Group R.
Houston, TX | Reviewed on Jul 17, 2023

The tour was great, and Mihiret  was perfect. I am always looking for partnerships that allow me to send my travelers to countries where I don't have to be present to engage with them the entire time, and she took care of that. She made everyone feel welcome, she treated us like family, and, OMG I could go on and on. I've traveled all over Africa, this was by far one of my greatest experiences. We all felt like we were among family. Our drivers took care of us and met all of our needs. Everybody was so welcoming to us upon arrival. Great experience all around!

Local specialist: Marco Degasper
Marco Degasper
Local specialist in Addis Ababa | Replied on Jul 17, 2023

Hello, thanks for the nice feedback. And I'm happy to hear that we've chosen the correct guide for your group. Marco