An Amazing Summer Experience in Norway
Norway | Jul 9 - Jul 18, 2022

Tamara S.
Parkchester, NY | Reviewed on Jul 20, 2022

Christina really helped me come up with an amazing itinerary for my summer trip to Norway. She was completely upfront with me from the start about where to put my focus on, and what I would need to leave for another trip. She helped me narrow down all of the places that I would be able to see on an 8 full day trip plan which included Bodø, Hamnøy, Reine, Svolvær, Festvågtind/ Henningsvær, and Tromso. It was jam packed, but I was able to see quite a bit. I also had amazing views on the hikes that were recommended of northern Norway. I also had a few guided tours and hikes, and even the guides commented that Christina did a great job in recommending some activities that many tourists don't know about. I would certainly utilize Kim Kim again on another trip.

Hotel Reviews
Eliassen Rorbuer

A great placed to stay if you are in Hamnøy. Beautiful scenery, clean cabin, and peaceful environment.

Authenticity & Character
Comfy, cozy room. Incredible views of mountains, fjords, the different colored cabins. Proximity to other nearby towns like Reine.
Cleanliness & Comfort
Thon hotel Polar

Room seems a bit dated. Also found 2 2 liter Coca Cola bottles not left by me underneath the bed.

Authenticity & Character
Central location.
Friendly staff at the front desk.
Cleanliness & Comfort
They need to thoroughly clean. As I mentioned above, there were 2 empty bottles of Coca Cola seen underneath the bed from guests previously in the room. Just make sure to not forget to check for garbage underneath the bed.
Thon Hotel Nordlys

The room was nice and tidy. Hotel breakfast also amazing.

Authenticity & Character
Right next the the ships and water. Nice scenery.
Cindy at the front desk was very nice and courteous, and answered a lot of my questions promptly.
Cleanliness & Comfort
Clean and tidy. Probably the best Thon hotel I stayed at during my time in the arctic.
Thon Hotel

Great location. It's next to public transit, the ferry, the Hurigruten cruise line, supermarkets, and great restaurants.

Authenticity & Character
Location is everything here. Very central.
Cleanliness & Comfort
Clean rooms.
Activity Review
Explore Reine and the Surroundings

The hike to Reinebringen is incredible. A must do if you are physically capable. The stone steps that were installed in recent years made this hike a real pleasure to do. I didn't summit Reinebringen, but got up to 1,542 ft vistapoint that most people see those incredible views from. Festvågtind in the Henningsvær region of the islands probably had the best views of some of the Lofoten islands, even though that hike wasn't as pleasant to do. It sure was memorable and goes down as the most difficult hike I've completed.

Quality of Experience
Guides, Drivers and Staff
I used public transportation. While it is a significant saving as opposed to renting a car in Norway, you are at the mercy of when the last bus leaves. You could be in an area for hours since buses can be infrequent. If you don't want that over your head, then rent a car. I got around just fine, but also remember that you might not see as much. So plan accordingly.
Local specialist: Christina Wang
Christina Wang
Local specialist in Kristiansand, Norway | Replied on Jul 28, 2022

Wow! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, Tamara.
And for all these Amazing photos! It is so nice to see some of your experiences of Norway!
I am so happy you had a great time here.

I hope I get the chance to plan with you again, should you decide to come for another visit!