Stress-free, personalized trip to Norway? Kimkim delivered
Norway | May 26 - Jun 5, 2024

Holly B.
Denver, CO | Reviewed on Jun 13, 2024

My friend and I had the greatest trip to Norway! Tricia, our local specialist, really worked with us to understand our travel style and put together an itinerary that fit in everything we wanted to do.

We covered an incredible amount of ground in the Western Fjords and got to do some really cool things. My personal highlights were our food tour of Oslo with Stig and our visit to the Mollfarm in Geiranger. That was truly special. Those experiences gave me the opportunity to learn so much more than I could have in a museum. And, of course, the fjords were absolutely stunning.

All in all, I have never stressed out about a trip less. That in and of itself was a gift, but Tricia did such a great job putting together our itinerary. My friend and I said several times, "I think she's magic."

Thank you for a great trip. Now to come back in winter to see the Northern Lights...

Hotel Review
Hotel Union Geiranger Bad & Spa

Hotel Union in Geiranger was absolutely phenomenal. The views were breathtaking, and the staff was incredibly kind and welcoming. The restaurant and breakfast were top-notch as well. It was easily my favorite accommodation of the trip. The surprise spa access was a wonderful touch that made the stay even more special.

Activity Reviews
A Taste of Norway's Culture and Cuisine
A Taste of Norway's Culture and Cuisine

The food tour in Oslo was incredible! We got to spend time with locals and learn about Norwegian culture through its cuisine. While we didn't try anything too exotic, we did have fish sticks, which was probably the most unusual item on the menu. The guide was extremely knowledgeable and made the experience both educational and fun. I wouldn't recommend it to extremely picky eaters, but there are different tour variations that might suit different tastes. Overall, it was a memorable and enriching experience.

Home visit at the Møllfarm
Home visit at the Møllfarm

The farm visit in Geirangerfjord was one of the highlights of the trip. We got to interact with locals and learn about their way of life, which was fascinating. This experience gave us a deeper understanding and appreciation of Norwegian culture that we wouldn't have gotten from just visiting museums. It was truly special and added so much value to our trip.

Geirangerfjord Kayak Tour - Seven Sisters Waterfall
Geirangerfjord Kayak Tour - Seven Sisters Waterfall

The kayak tour was quite the adventure! Unfortunately, we had terrible weather, which made the conditions really tough. Our guide was fantastic, though, and made sure we felt safe the entire time. Despite the rough conditions, it was an experience we laughed about afterward and had no regrets doing. It was a lot of work and maybe not ideal for everyone, but it gave us some great stories to tell.

Local specialist: Tricia Cantlon
Tricia Cantlon
Local specialist in Oslo | Replied on Jun 13, 2024

Music to my ears - thank you so much for the visit, Holly! You and your friend are absolutely wonderful and so kind. I really loved planning your trip and helping you out when possible. Thanks for coming. Can't WAIT for your next trip in winter! Norway provides a completely different kind of magic then :)