Overall fantastic trip - Sep 16 - Sep 23, 2019

Traveler: Wendy H. - Local specialist: A G

Overall, we ended up having a fantastic trip. our 2 private guides (Curtis from viking Biking in Oslo and Romain in Bergen) were both excellent and very informative. The Fjord cruise and Flåm railway were also highlights. On the flip side, we had some challenges along the way that could have been avoided with careful planning. For example, it took awhile for the hotel to find our reservation at the Thon hotel in Oslo because it was booked under Axel Garber, our guide. I also had to email Axel to find out where to go for our bike trip since it didn’t say in our detailed itinerary. In Flåm, we missed the ferry to Balestrand because our train was late. Had we known to look for the ferry to Bergen (which stopped in Balestrand) we would not have missed it as that ferry was held for a large tour group. That night, we had to stay in Flåm but also had a room booked in Balestrand which we were unable to cancel. Apparently, the kayaking tour we had booked in Balestrand was booked by the tour company in error so it was canceled. Finally, we had an issue checking out of our hotel in Bergen because the CC on file was from a name that we didn’t know and the hotel did not have authorization to charge the card. After quite awhile, Julia called back and straightened out the situation.