Although the distance from Huangshan City to Hangzhou is just 140 miles (126 km), until very recently the only ways to get between the two were by private taxi or by navigating the complicated public bus system. Thankfully, now that China's high-speed rail network has spread its tentacles into this part of the country, you can make the trip in under two hours by bullet train. It's still possible to hire a taxi, of course—but it takes twice as long.

By Train

Journey Time: 1.5-2 hours

Between the hours of 6 am and 7 pm, are 25 high-speed trains every day between Huangshan North Railway Station and Hangzhou East Railway Station. These are a mixture of long-distance G trains and mid-distance D trains, but both types follow the same route and take around the same amount of time. Just make sure you leave from the correct station-the main Huangshan Railway Station, 9 miles (15 km) away from Huangshan North, mostly serves overnight sleeper routes to major Chinese cities and you can't get to Hangzhou from here. 

By Car

Journey Time: 3 hours

Booking a private transfer was once the primary travel method for travelers who lacked the time, patience or language skills to tackle the bus. As a result, requests to make the journey are far from unusual and you should be able to book the trip with ease through your hotel or a travel agent. While the journey itself takes longer by car than by train, this is a useful alternative if you're staying in Tangkou Town or close to the Yellow Mountain and want to avoid the hassle of getting to Huangshan North Railway Station. 

The G56 road runs all the way between Huangshan and Hangzhou. Note that there are tolls on this route, so your driver may ask you for change along the way.