It's 109 miles (175 km) from Shanghai to Hangzhou, which is covered in just one hour on the sleek new bullet train. This is the fastest way to go, followed by private transfer at 2.5 hours. 

By Train

Journey Time: 1 hour

Thanks to the rapid extension of the high-speed network, you can now get from Shanghai to Hangzhou in a flash. What's more, bullet trains leave every 5-10 minutes throughout the day, so you don't even need to worry about buying your train ticket in advance. 

The bullet train leaves from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station (one metro stop away from the airport) and arrives at Hangzhou East Railway Station.

By Private Transfer

Drive Time: 2.5 hours

In a pinch, you could simply hail a cab in the street in Shanghai to take you to Hangzhou, but it's strongly advised that you book a private transfer in advance. Not all drivers will be willing to make such a long trip without guarantee of a return fare, it will be more difficult to negotiate a price, and unless you're a confident Chinese speaker, you're generally best off organizing the transfer through your hotel or an English-speaking travel agency.