Travel Advice for Jordan

What to Bring to Jordan: Your Ultimate Packing List

There are many variables to consider when packing your bags for Jordan: the variety of terrain and weather conditions, outdoor adventure activities, Arabic culture, and transitioning from vibrant city life to laid-back beaches and desert escapes. Let this packing list be your guide—it covers the essential items you'll want in your suitcase when embarking on your Jordan journey.

How to Spend 10 Days in Jordan

Although Jordan is small in size, the list of historic sites, adventurous activities, and cultural experiences within its borders is endless. Whether you plan to see all the classic highlights or take the road less traveled, you can fit a lot into one trip if you have more than a week to spend. These inspiring 10-day itineraries will take you through Jordan from north to south, and even across the border to Israel - all you have left to do is pack a suitcase.

Jordan: Frequently Asked Questions

While most people visiting Jordan are familiar with Petra, there is much more in Jordan to see and do — from hiking oak forests in the north, to enjoying a sunset dinner at a rooftop restaurant in Amman, to snorkeling in the Red Sea in the south. Traveling to a new destination raises a lot of questions. Here are some answers to help you properly prepare for your Jordan journey.

Trekking in Jordan: 5 Hidden Gems

Jordan's varied terrains, ancient ruins, and lunar-like landscapes are a hiker's heaven. From oak forests in the north, to warm water wadis near the Dead Sea and secret trails to the Lost City of Petra, here are five of the best trekking treasures to discover on your Jordan journey.

Two Weeks, Two Ways: How to Spend 14 Days in Jordan

Two weeks is a perfect amount of time for a taste of all that Jordan has to offer. From the vibrant capital city to otherworldly deserts and the refreshing Red Sea - not to mention the endless ancient ruins along the way - it's easy to fill your itinerary with exciting adventures and relaxing escapes. Need some inspiration? Read on for two distinct options for an unforgettable 14-day journey.

Best Boutique Hotels in Jordan

From desert camps to quaint guesthouses to art-inspired city hotels, Jordan offers a variety of accommodations for visitors to enjoy. Here are some of the best boutique hotels, from north to south.

Cycling the Jordan Bike Trail

There is perhaps no better way to get "off the beaten path" in Jordan than to walk or ride the trails that traverse its spectacular landscapes and diverse communities. The Jordan Bike Trail takes you behind the scenes and away from the crowds, on a challenging and rewarding journey from ancient Greco-Roman ruins in the north to refreshing Red Sea waters in the south. Here are some tips to get you started.

3 Days in Northern Jordan

Northern Jordan – with its rolling hills, ancient ruins, slower pace, and community-based tourism initiatives – has much more to offer than one day allows. Don’t make the rookie mistake of a quick trip to Jerash. Read on to see why you should set aside at least three days for your northern Jordan adventure.

4 Scenic Road Trip Routes in Jordan

Jordan is made up of much more than arid desert. Take a road trip and you'll quickly see the scenery change – from bustling cities to serene sea, wooded hills to rocky cliffs, all offering visitors a variety of vistas and activities to enjoy. Here are some of the best road trip routes through Jordan to get you started.

Four Classic Treks in Jordan

Jordan is one of the world's most incredible hiking destinations. Its scenic terrain is strikingly varied throughout the country, and you'll encounter everything from hidden waterfalls to sand dunes and ancient ruins on these four classic treks.

Planning Your Honeymoon in Jordan

Beautiful beaches, unique hotels, and a stunningly diverse landscape: Jordan has all the elements of a perfect honeymoon locale. After reading our take on all that Jordan has to offer for newlyweds, you'll be ready to start planning your honeymoon in this surprisingly romantic Middle Eastern destination.

Beyond Hotels: Unique Places to Stay in Jordan

There are plenty of typical hotels in Jordan, but this destination also offers a plethora of unique, experiential lodging options that you won’t find anywhere else. From local homestays with Jordanian families to a certified ecolodge on the edge of the Dana Biosphere, these incredible alternatives throughout the country will make you rethink your usual travel routine.

Top 5 Cultural Experiences in Jordan

Visiting Jordan is an adventure in itself, and there is no better way to get to know this fascinating country than by diving into its culture. The Jordanian people are known for their warmth and hospitality, making it easy for visitors to forge connections through food, traditional activities, and alternative modes of exploration. Read on to discover five of our favorite local experiences in Jordan.

Tips for Visiting Jerash: Jordan's Archeological Treasure Trove

One of Jordan's busiest and most powerful outposts in ancient times, Jerash is now renowned for its beautifully preserved sense of history. It may look small on a map, but it's packed with archeological wonders and authentic local charm. Read on for our expert take on how to experience Jerash.

Amman Old and New
Tips for Visiting Jordan's Capital - Ancient and Modern Amman

Jordan may be best known for its remnants of ancient civilization, but the vibrant scene you'll find in the modern-day capital city of Amman should not be overlooked. With incredible food, a legitimate arts scene, and a number of time-worn ruins of its own, Amman provides a perfect snapshot of Jordanian culture and hospitality.

Tips for Jordan's 6 Must-See Places - Where to Go and What to See

Jordan has it all: vibrant cities, otherworldly landscapes, perfectly zen seaside resorts, and ancient ruins around every corner. You could spend a lifetime exploring everything this country has to offer, so we've compiled a definitive list of highlights that no traveler should miss.

Wadi Rum Desert
Ultimate Guide to Wadi Rum - Jordan's Adventure Paradise

An adventurer's paradise, Wadi Rum is a crown jewel of Jordan's ancient desert. Explore the rugged landscape from the back of a Jeep, ride a camel, or take a hike: no matter how you go, you won't be disappointed by this remote wonderland.

How Many Days Should You Spend in Jordan?

Whether you have two days or two weeks to spend, Jordan is an accessible destination for even the most hurried of travelers. From whirlwind tours of Petra to in-depth Holy Land tours and week-long treks, there's an option that suits every schedule.

A sunny Autumn day in Jordan near St John Church
When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Jordan?

Jordan is a year-round destination, but there are seasonal weather variations that travelers should be aware of. Spring and fall have the most predictable, pleasant temperatures and are therefore peak travel seasons. Winter tends to be rainy and unpredictable - it even snows in some places. Summer brings hot temperatures, but longer daylight hours allow travelers to use cooler early morning hours to explore Jordan's world-class sights.