A Taste of Cusco: Chocolate, Coffee and Pisco Tour

Hot brewed cacao drink, raw cocoa fruit, cacao beans, and caco nibs

This tour in and around Cusco's city center highlights three Peruvian specialties: chocolate, coffee, and pisco. The tour begins at the Coffee Museum where visitors will learn all about the unique characteristics of Peruvian arabica beans and why they make such a fine cup of Joe. There will also be an opportunity to sample several different varieties of Peruvian coffee. 

The gastronomic trail continues with a stop at the ChocoMuseum. It's filled with exhibits detailing the chocolate-production process beginning with the fruit of the cacao tree and ending with the rich deliciousness that we all know and love. It includes lessons on how to prepare cacao tea and hot chocolate, both of which played important roles in Incan culture, as well as making chocolate from scratch The tour ends with a visit to the Pisco Republic bar and restaurant for a celebration of pisco—a type of brandy made from grapes—which is Peru's signature liquor. The day concludes with a pisco tasting accompanied by typical Peruvian snacks. 


Itineraries with A Taste of Cusco: Chocolate, Coffee and Pisco Tour

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