Chiloé National Park Tour

Punta Pirulil, Chiloé National Park
The island of Chiloé is one of the more culturally unique and mythic regions of Chile. Located on the west coast at the doorstep to Patagonia, Chiloé is famous for its rolling green hills, colorful fishing villages, and rumors of witches that haunt the rugged coastline at night. It's also home to Chiloé National Park, a 430 square-km (166 square-mile) protected area that encompasses a large portion of the western side of the island. The region is notable for its vast Valdivian forest comprised of southern beech and alerce trees.

A full-day excursion to this park leaves from the southern city of Castro and crosses the island west to Playa Rahue, from where a short hike leads to the famous Punta Pirulil. This lookout point offers sweeping vistas of the green Chiloé coastline and the Pacific Ocean beyond. Also here is the symbolic Muelle del Alma ("dock of the soul"), a wooden boardwalk that rises over the grassland and looks out over the edge of the island. Along the way, a local guide will recount some of the history and lore of Chiloé. 

Next up is a visit to the indigenous community of Quilque to enjoy a traditional lunch. The final stop will be back in Chiloé National Park for an easy hike along the El Tepual Trail, which follows a network of boardwalks surrounded by stunning temperate rainforest.

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