Learn the intricacies of chocolate making

Cartagena Chocolate Workshop and Afternoon Rum Tasting


The only thing better than a chocolate tour is one that involves preparing that chocolate from scratch, directly from cacao beans. This is what's in store at the "Bean to Bar" workshop in the ChocoMuseo (Chocolate Museum) located in Parque Bolívar, Cartagena. Over two hours, participants learn the history of cacao and even prepare a legendary chocolate drink dating back to the years of the Spanish conquest. At the end of the workshop, guests leave with their own handmade chocolates. 

Afterward, it's time for more indulgence masquerading as education in the form of a rum and chocolate tasting. Hosted by a local mixologist, this one-hour experience includes some backstory about how rum is Colombia's principal liquor export, as well as a sampling of a wide variety of rums all paired with delectable chocolates. All told, the tasting involves about six shots of various local rums and even a welcome cocktail.

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