Climb Dune du Pilat in Arcachon

Dune du Pilat
When you think of France and outdoor recreation, perhaps you don't picture climbing sand dunes. However, you can enjoy a unique experience by climbing the Dune du Pilat in the coastal town of Arcachon just southwest of Bordeaux. Often referred to as Grande Dune du Pilat, this patch of sand is Europe's tallest dune, sitting at about 350 feet (106 m) above sea level at its highest point—although the wind does reshape it continuously. It was formed 4,000 years ago and currently stretches nearly 1.5 miles (2.7 km) from one end to the next.

You'll start with a walk through a dense pine forest, which envelops the dune on three sides. Then, you'll make your way to the stairs that lead to the top of the highest dune. Enjoy the views of the forest and the Atlantic Ocean sprawling out in front of you. You might also catch paragliders flying through over the dune as they take off from the top. The beach in front of the dune is also popular for sunbathers and kayakers.

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