Explore Bandipur

Bandipur in the morning
The difference between Nepal's capital of Kathmandu and the mountain town of Bandipur is night and day. Where the former is a chaotic metropolis with many thoroughfares, the latter is a serene village with a single road and nary a car in sight. The buildings here also stand out, with many indigenous Newari structures dating back to the 18th century. Add to that the ancient temples that abound here and you have a great town in which to spend the day exploring on foot.

Many of the older traditional homes here have been converted into guesthouses to accommodate the explosion of tourism. Still, there's no better pastime here than casually strolling between bougainvillea-draped wooden balconies with sweeping views of the Himalaya mountain range all around you. For the best early morning views, be sure to make the 30-minute walk up to the hilltop viewpoint at the Tani Mai Temple. If you’re up for something a bit more active, You can visit the Siddha Gufa Caves by following a forest track. Just make sure to take a flashlight.