Explore Bardia: In Search of the Royal Bengal Tiger

Keep an eye out for Bengal tigers
Bardia National Park is an undiscovered gem of Nepal. This diverse ecosystem in the Terai region of the country features grasslands, river valleys, savannahs, and sal forest, and all this within a 958-square-km space. There's an abundance of exotic birds here, and it's their calls that carry through the morning air like a song. But this day's tour follows the trail of less common wildlife. In fact, it searches for arguably the most awe-inspiring creature in the animal kingdom: the Bengal tiger.

The tour involves a full-day jeep safari starting in the morning and traveling through the jungle in search of the tiger. It's led by an experienced naturalist guide who will point out the various ecological wonders and exotic wildlife that's common to see along the route, including that first glimpse of those famous orange-and-black stripes. The tour ends with a return to the lodge in the early evening.