Explore Bardia: Jungle & River Safari

Royal Bengal Tiger crossing the Karnali river in Bardia National Park

Located in the Terai region of Nepal, Bardia National Park covers 968 square kilometers of forests, rivers, savannahs, and grasslands. That makes it the largest protected area in the entire country. This day tour allows folks to discover Bardia's vast ecological treasures a couple different ways: on an elephant or in a jeep, and on a river safari down the Karnali. 

The first tour gives visitors the option to explore the jungle by elephant ride or jeep safari. Regardless of the transport method, it's best to go early when the morning mist rises over the grasslands and the wildlife emerges from the jungle to drink from the river. Bird calls and monkey chatter from the treetops are the soundtrack here, which compliments the overall experience. Some lucky travelers even report seeing the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger. 

Another great way to experience the park is on a river safari. This tour begins with a one-hour drive to the Chisapani Bridge (the largest in Nepal), which is the starting point of the river excursion. The boat floats slowly down the Karnali river, which allows for spotting all manner of river denizens, including aquatic birds, crocodiles, and, sometimes, the extremely rare Gangetic dolphin. As the boat meanders between small river islands, it's possible to get a prime view of the deer and monkeys foraging on the river banks.