Famous wines and unsuspected vintages of Northern Rhone Valley

The vineyards in the Rhône Valley
Located in southeastern France, on the Rhône River, sits Vienne. This is much more than a postcard-worthy French country town—it was once an important provincial capital in the Roman Empire. In fact, it was Julius Ceasar who transformed it into a major urban center around 47 BCE. Today's experience, however, involves a visit to the surrounding northern Rhône Valley, not so much for the fascinating history but for a sampling of the area's famous wines. 

The first stop on this private, half-day tour is the prestigious Cote-Rôtie vineyard. Here you'll quaff delicious varietals on terraced vineyards overlooking the Rhône River. You'll experience the perfection of the Syrah and Viognier grapes in the very region where they were first grown. But it doesn't stop there—throughout the tour, you'll have an opportunity to taste and learn about seven different varietals of Cotes-du-Rhône wines. By the end of the experience, you'll practically be an expert oenologist yourself.

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